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The Case Against Impeachment


“If you don’t like my policies, go out there and win an election!” Barack Obama

The great and brilliant Charles Krauthammer has persuaded me regarding Impeachment. President Obama, who so richly and for so many reasons deserves to be impeached, has repeatedly failed to uphold his Oath of Office to “faithfully preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

He routinely and against the Constitution has rewritten and edited even the bills he has signed into law.  He has failed to make America safe from her enemies, the number one job of a President.  We face increased dangers from ISIS, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. We are now seen as weak by our enemies, and as a country upon which our allies cannot depend.

Obama has facilitated the entry of Ebola and Enterovirus, drug-resistant TB and scabies into America via unrestricted flights from Ebola-affected African countries, and now requests the media to stop reporting on new people on their Ebola watch lists.

His open invitation for many thousands of children from Central America to invade our Southern border further threatens our safety.  These illegals are not fully vetted for the diseases they carry and they are being sent to cities all across America with no notice, no permission, no tracking, and no federal dollars for their health care and schooling.

Obama is now threatening a new Executive Order to flood our country with up to 34 million more illegals, as an order has been made for 34 million Visas and Work Permits. He threatens that the “power of his pen” will give Amnesty to 11 million illegals who already here.

 However, Krauthammer cautions Republicans to refrain from impeaching him.  Republicans were put into office all across this country in 2014 for one purpose: slow down or stop the dictator-like actions of President Obama.  That’s a tall order by itself, and Impeachment simply takes so long that he would only be removed from office a few months before he would be gone anyway.

Even though Republicans hold the Senate, and even if the House Impeaches Obama, actual removal from office requires a 2/3 majority of the Senate.   Impeachment would give Democrats a scathing indictment on Republicans during the 2016 election season and would energize their Democrat base to vote.

It would slow our efforts to make people accountable for Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservatives, and other scandals which need to be investigated.

We must count on the Court of Public Opinion to set this President’s legacy. We  need to focus on promoting our candidates and our agenda, to addressing our pressing needs: repeal,consequential changes to Obamacare, or a new health care law; jobs; the Keystone Pipeline; reigning in the EPA, the IRS, the DOJ and the VA; addressing radical Islam; voter I.D. laws; and perhaps most important, the IRS.

As Krauthammer suggested, Congress should pass a law every week, and dare President Obama to veto them. Rush Limbaugh has suggested holding a Press Conference to announce the passage of each law, and to include a letter to the president attached to the bill, which will be read out loud. This letter would clarify that it has the broad support of Americans.  Perhaps Democrats who will be running for office in 2016 will join Republicans to produce some veto-proof legislation. We can use Obama’s vetoes to show America’s voters just what Republicans tried to accomplish.

 A final hopeful thought: if we can put a Republican in office as President in 2016, each and every single Executive Order written by Obama can be overturned with another Executive Order, for they were never law to being with.  Let’s make that happen!


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Karen has been writing “Conservative Corner” daily for eight years, highlighting news and events the main stream media does not cover. She’s also been a columnist for the Boyne City Gazette in Michigan, RedState and Examiner and is the author of the book, “Proud to be an American – what I want my grandchildren to know” (self-published). Karen became a Precinct Delegate and Vice Chair of her county Republican Party in response to watching the unprepared, radical Barack Hussein Obama campaign for President in 2008. Her news feed is available to all by sending a note to:


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