Burn This Bitch Down! The Ferguson Aftermath…

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Here’s Michael Brown’s stepfather in a moment of quiet reason to the Ferguson “protestors”…

If you’re offended by the language, tough.  You should be offended by the man.  And all those around him.

Here’s what happened in Ferguson, in part because the Democratic Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, called up the National Guard but couldn’t be bothered to send them to Ferguson.  And he couldn’t be found Monday night when the riots started.  But, as a friend noted earlier today, at this point, what difference does that make?

These photos are from the Daily Mail, you won’t be seeing them on the US major media, they’re too busy condemning officer Wilson’s use of the word “charged” as racist.


This is what the Ferguson business district looks like today.  Last week at this time hundreds of people were employed here and owned businesses, supporting their families.  Today, because Governor Jay Nixon couldn’t get around to sending in the National Guard when EVERYBODY knew this was going to happen, their Thanksgiving won’t be very thankful.

The National Guard arrived after all the damage was done.  They’ll help clean up.  They should have been there on Monday with “shoot to kill” orders to stop the rioters.  And Michael Brown’s stepfather should be in jail for inciting a riot.

But the National Guard wasn’t there and Michael Brown’s stepfather will not be held to account.  Neither will Barack Obama, whose administration will do everything possible to whitewash this travesty with race cards.

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