Woman: ‘Bill Cosby Raped Me’ — Something Smells Fishy


A woman is claiming that Bill Cosby raped her 30 years ago while she was taking acting classes.

I’m having trouble believing her. Not because she is calm and collected. It’s been 30 years, after all. Not because it’s Bill Cosby, an American treasure and father figure.

I’m having trouble believing her because her narrative is told mainly in passive first person voice. And by that I mean she says, for example, “I was very closely watched” not “He watched me very closely.”

And she jumps from a vague indication that he drove her to acting classes over to implying there was a series of overnight drinking binges.

Also, from her description, one would think she’s talking about herself at age 12 or 13, not 18. I think she’s a golddigger. They do exist, you know.

But, maybe I am wrong. I doubt it, though. My maternal instincts and experience as a mother whose daughter was molested always propel me into the highest gear of outrage when rape and sexual assault are discussed, especially when children are victimized.

I’m not feeling it with this woman. She wouldn’t be the first to lob horrendous accusations for personal gain or notoriety. You be the judge. Watch.



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