‘Stupid’ Americans Still Hope for Change in Obamacare

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Is Obamacare the “Hope and Change” America envisioned when they elected President Barack Obama? Part of that change resides in the architect of the Obamacare law, Jonathan Gruber, with whom Obama met multiple times to craft how to lie to Americans in order to get the Affordable Care Act passed.mel

We recently learned that Gruber wrote the law in such a way that the “stupid” public would be unaware of the truth of the particulars it entailed.  It would not have passed if we “stupid” Americans knew that it was full of taxes and would force people to lose their insurance and therefore require them to purchase Obamacare policies.  The people who were poor and sick were to have their health care paid for by those who are younger, healthier and more affluent.

“If you had a law which made it explicit that healthy people are going to pay in and sick people get money,” said Mr. Gruber, “it would not have passed.”

Most of those who have signed up are the poor and the sick, as the young and healthy aren’t as “stupid” as they thought.  They are going without insurance. Obamacare was admitted to be a wealth redistribution scheme.  The promised transparency was never going to be given.  In fact, according to Gruber, the lack of transparency was a huge political advantage – the only way they could pass the bill.  Gruber visited the White House 19 times, so don’t believe Obama, if we ever do, that he was not literally part of his “staff”.  We taxpayers enriched Gruber by up to six million dollars for his work at the White House and in several states.

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It is clear just why they all lied to us about our costs going down and about being able to keep our doctors!  No wonder they passed the law without paying attention to American disgust with the process as well as the content.  No wonder they did not care if even one Republican had been convinced to vote for it.  They used the “nuclear option” to pass it after doling out bribes to get yes votes.  No wonder they were willing to pass an unread bill, as Nancy Pelosi said, in order to find out what was in it!

They were in a tremendous hurry to pass it before we “stupid” citizens could figure it out.  The end always justifies the means, as elitist Progressives who were schooled by Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals were taught.

It is rather satisfying to learn that the reason the Supreme Court will be rehearing Obamacare once again has to do with a part of the law which they did not read (as was required by their own rules), but one that might make the entire law unconstitutional.  The issue is that it is written into the law that only states which have begun a State Obamacare exchange can offer government subsidies – one more taxpayer funded Welfare program.  Thirty four states chose not to participate, so they cannot get federal subsidies.

The defense of Obamacare will be, “Well, that isn’t what we meant to put in the law!  We want a do-over!  Mistakes were made, now let’s change it to what we meant.”  You see, if you and I don’t pay higher and higher taxes to support more and more government subsidies, the whole thing falls apart.

In a similar case, Justice Elena Kagen said this about a duly passed law:  “This Court has no roving license, in even ordinary cases of statutory interpretation, to disregard clear language simply on the view that . . . Congress ‘must have intended’ something broader.”  This is the same Supreme Court Justice who is now being investigated for lying under oath during her Senate Confirmation hearings, the same one who is now being investigated for having been part of the legal defense for Obamacare and then refusing to recuse herself from the Supreme Court decision as required by law.


It seems apparent that those same Americans they thought were too “stupid” to know about the wonders of Universal Healthcare and income redistribution were stupid and/or ignorant enough to vote for Obama twice….. but not “stupid” enough to go along with all the insults and lies.

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