Bad Prosecutor! Went Out of His Way to “Discredit” Michael Brown

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The multi-racial grand jury in St. Louis declined to indict Darren Wilson.  They reviewed all of the evidence in the Michael Brown shooting and refused to indict on any one of five charges ranging from involuntary manslaughter to first degree murder.  In the prosecutor’s press conference he detailed the evidence as the rationale for the no-bill from grand jury and they released all of the evidence.

The Brown family, with the help of their attorneys – all of whom are certainly looking for a big payday – have finally dropped the “gentle giant” meme since the release of Brown stealing cigars and assaulting a store clerk, but they’ve got a new complaint.

Fairness.  Here’s The Rev. Al Sharpton beating on this new dead horse.

“I’ve been involved in civil rights all my life…”

Yeah Rev, we’re old enough to remember your involvement in civil rights.  Tawana Brawley, Freddie’s Fashion Mart, Crown Heights Riots, we remember.  We also know about your aversion to paying your taxes.  You currently owe about $4.5 million in back federal and state taxes.  Al, if you were a white guy you’d have been in jail a long, long time ago.

Let’s get back to the “discredit” thing.  What Sharpton and the Brown family blood suckers lawyers are upset about is the point by point detail of the reasons Wilson was not indicted.  While it’s true that it might be unusual for a prosecutor to go through the evidence like that, let’s remember that Ferguson had thousands of rioters cued up waiting for the announcement.  We think the prosecutor was trying to lay out the reasons for not indicting him to hopefully quell the riots that started about 5 minutes into his presentation.  The points looked like this.

  • Wilson knew there had been a robbery and had a description of the perp;
  • He spotted Brown and his companion walking in the middle of the street and they fit the general description of the perp;
  • He called for backup;
  • He rolled up next to Brown in his police car, identified the cap and yellow socks the perp was wearing and told the two men to move to the sidewalk;
  • Brown came over to the car, refused to comply with Wilson’s order and a scuffle ensued;
  • Brown reached inside the car and tried to take Wilson’s gun, Wilson fired two shots and one apparently hit Brown on the finger;
  • Brown punched Wilson and ran;
  • Wilson gave chase;
  • Brown stopped running, turned around and charged Wilson who fired several rounds at Brown;
  • Brown stopped, Wilson stopped firing;
  • Brown put his head down and charged Wilson, Wilson fired several more shots, finally killing Brown.

Remember, there were multiple witnesses to the events who testified to these points and ALL of them were black.  The physical evidence supports this testimony.

Rev Al and leeches have lost their ability to whine about the “gentle giant” so they need a new meme and that’s what they’ve come up with. It will be interesting to see if the leeches they coordinate with at the Department of Racial Justice pick up on this.

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