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Ann Coulter Has Critical Advice Every Conservative MUST Hear After Massive GOP Victory



Tuesday night’s midterm elections ushered in a tsunami of Republican victories, indicating that the destruction of the current Democratic Party is well under way.

Americans have had a small taste of what Obama’s dream for the nation will consist of if he and his progressive buddies are let off the leash, and boy, oh boy, do folks not like what he’s cooking.

While the shift in America’s political leanings is promising and the fact that Republicans now own both the House and the Senate is cause for celebration, this is not the time to let our guard down.

According to Fox News, fearless conservative firecracker Ann Coulter appeared on Sean Hannity’s program overcome with joy and glee at the prospect of Republicans controlling Congress, but advised conservatives to “stay paranoid.”

Coulter remarked that folks on the right need to keep Republican politicians’ “feet to the fire,” applying political pressure on them consistently to ensure that they, you know, actually do their jobs and keep their promises.

This is the best, most sound advice to ever come from the mouth of a pundit.

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Tuesday night’s victory was most definitely a step in the right direction. We now have the power that’s needed to start putting this country back on track and begin crafting a superior narrative and vision for where we as conservatives want to take the country, which is vital in getting the American public on board with electing a Republican president in 2016.

In order to prevent a total nightmare scenario–such as Hillary Clinton propping her crusty heels up on the Oval Office desk as the next president–Republicans absolutely need to fulfill their campaign promises and come up with an agenda that counters the crap currently being spewed out by the Obama administration.

Failure to perform means disaster for the future of America. Period. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

The average citizen knows full well that politicians have a bad habit of lying and not keeping their promises. They get seduced by the dark side of political power and before you know it, they’re wearing a Darth Vader helmet and creepily breathing down your neck like a big government stalker, while calling spooky progressives like Obama their “master.”

It’s up to us, the average Americans, to do exactly what Coulter suggested and keep their feet to the fire. Keep writing them and letting them know what’s at stake each time they vote on a bill. Call and remind them that their job security is dependent on sticking to conservative principles and voting on legislation accordingly.

This is not the time to relax and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s like an MMA fight. When you’ve rocked your opponent and he’s trying to get away to avoid being knocked out, you don’t ease up, you let your fists fly and ring his bell until he taps or the ref calls it.

This is the same kind of scenario we’re in right now with these massive Republican victories. Let’s not ease up when our opponent is at his weakest, let’s finish the fight!



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