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American Voters: Rock Obama’s World


Barack Obama made it about him.  After all, in his world, everything has always been about Barack Obama.  It’s fun watching that world shrink, and Tuesday is your opportunity to make it shrink even more.

Barack put himself and his policies front and center.  Democrats, especially Senate Democrats, have been running away from him and from his policies like they were Ebola.  In fact, they’re far more dangerous than Ebola.  The current worst case scenario is 133 cases of Ebola in the US over the next three months.  More people than that die from gang violence in Chicago in any given month.  Barack Obama’s, and Democratic, policies are quickly ripping the fabric that holds our nation together.  If he gets his way, if Democrats get their way, the United States of America will be a third world hellhole that looks like Mexico in 20 to 30 years.

Every Republican candidate has been running against Barack Obama.  Here’s an example of that, in what looks to be a big win in Iowa.

Iowa Republican Joni Ernst and her surrogates have made the president the central issue in her Senate campaign.

“Let me just say that probably the happiest guy in the country today is Jimmy Carter,” Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa) quipped to a crowd in Ames on the final night of Ernst’s 99-county tour. “Because Barack Obama is making him look competent.”

Making fun of a powerful figure is the most humiliating form of argument, especially when they have no come-back.  We’ve seriously enjoyed watching OFA trolls commenting on what a fantastic President TheOne has been.  It’s really pathetic.

We want to be clear, we’re not happy with many of the Republicans in the race.  Can’t stand Thad Cochran in MI, Pat Roberts in KS, Mitch McConnell in KY, John Boehner in OH, etc.  We would absolutely vote for them if we lived in their states.  (If we were Democrat, we’d vote for their opponents without regard to what state we lived in.)

Please, get off the couch and go vote.  Your nation is depending on you.


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