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Alabama Just Passed an Amendment About Sharia Law That’s Going to Make Muslims FURIOUS


Sharia law, the legal code for those who adhere to the religion of Islam is a serious threat to America’s way of life, and radicals all over the world have been dying to find ways to infiltrate the country and start forcing their oppressive lifestyle on our nation.

Many states that were not duped by all of the liberal propaganda calling Islam the “religion of peace” have taken steps to ensure that Sharia law will never stand a chance of being implemented on American soil. Some have passed legislation banning any foreign legal code from being used in court cases tried in their respective states, which includes Sharia.

The latest state to create such an amendment to their constitution is Alabama, which voted to pass the legislation on Tuesday by an overwhelming majority.

From Truth Revolt:

A new controversial amendment that will ban the recognition of “foreign laws”—which would include sharia law—was passed Tuesday by an overwhelming majority of Alabama voters. By a 72-28 margin, voters passed “The American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment,” which specifically prohibits judges and legal authorities from applying “laws of other countries or cultures” to Alabama citizens. Critics claim the amendment directly targets Muslims.

Current Alabama law allows for authorities to determine whether foreign law is applicable to a situation. With the passage of the new amendment that will no longer be the case. Alabama Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey provided the following summary of the amendment in a press release in September.

It seems that Tuesday night’s election was about more than simply getting rid of incompetent politicians. Given the wide scope of issues that were voted on, it looks like American voters are sick and tired of progressive ideology and the dangers it exposes citizens to, both politically and economically.

Democrats are doing their best to rationalize the trouncing they took, chalking up their massive defeat to any phenomenon known to mankind and beyond. Anything to avoid admitting the real truth.

Democrats lost because deep down, Americans want freedom, economic stability, fiscal responsibility, and leadership with a spine. All things they aren’t getting from progressive Democrats.

Part of the government’s job is to protect us from anything that threatens our security and freedom, such as Sharia law. Most of America has been exposed to the less than stellar job Obama has done with handling the ISIS situation and have realized that if they want to keep some crazy religious maniac from lobbing their heads off with a machete, they are going to have to take responsibility for their own security.

Thankfully, the people in Alabama get this concept and have taken matters into their own hands to protect their God-given rights. Now let’s hope and pray more states will adopt this kind of legislation to keep Sharia law out of our nation.

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Michael Cantrell

Michael Cantrell is a conservative journalist/blogger with over 8 years of professional writing experience writing for some of the largest publications on the Internet. He has participated in several campaigns to repeal Obamacare, worked with Tea Party candidates running for Congress, and more. Michael is a staunch constitutionalist and lover of American history.


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