A Commander in Chief to be Thankful For…

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Once upon a time we had a Commander in Chief we could be thankful for on this day.  Our son was a US Marine and we were thankful that his Commander in Chief loved him and his fellow Marines and always had them in a special place in his heart.

The Marines knew that – it’s difficult to fool Marines.

Please note that President Bush met those Marines in Anbar.  In 2004 when our son’s battalion was in Anbar it was the most dangerous place on earth.  In 2007 it was safe enough to host a Presidential visit.  By 2010 our new President and his Vice-President were claiming credit for a peaceful Iraq, and especially the Anbar province.  Joe Biden to Larry King:  “I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration.”

Today, Anbar is controlled by ISIS.

Two of things our family is really thankful for today is that our son proudly served under President Bush and never served under our current President.

We are offering up special prayers today for all of our US military, especially those in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan.  May God protect and sustain them, and grant them a Commander in Chief worthy of their service and sacrifice.

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