3-Year-Old Has Breakfast With Santa, What She Asks Him For Will Melt Your Heart

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While you might be fighting the urge to bust out all of the Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, the story of a little girl from Evansville, Indiana and her encounter with a local Santa Clause could be just the thing to fill you with the Christmas Spirit.

According to TheBlaze, three-year-old Gracie Lynn was out to breakfast with her mom when she saw someone she instantly recognized having breakfast alone. The precious little tyke decided to take a seat across from the gentleman–who she believed to be Santa Claus–and the two began having a conversation as if the pair were old friends.

As Gracie continued her conversation with Santa, she made a heart warming request of the jolly old elf that shocked both him and the young girl’s mother.

All little Gracie wanted for Christmas was her new baby brother. Lindsey, the precious girl’s mother, is pregnant with the family’s second child. Gracie also requested that any and all of her toys be given to her brother once he arrives.


That’s a pretty special little girl.

A local news station was able to track down the Santa in question, who gushed about his new little friend and her sweet  Christmas wish.

“She, I think, understands about having friends and she was quite a special young lady,” he said.

“I am going to have a few surprises for her this year,” the man continued.

That’s awesome.

It’s so refreshing to see parents teaching their children how to be selfless and think of others. This is a concept that seems to have been forgotten, or at least put on the back burner in our day and age.

With all of the junk going in the world, it’s easy to become cynical. To believe there are no “good” people left. Little Gracie proves that isn’t true and gives hope to the weary, not to give up on doing the right thing no matter what.

Let’s hope that her story inspires others around the country this Christmas to focus more on the joy of giving, than on the pleasure of receiving.


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