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2016 Republican Strategy


We shouldn’t be broadcasting this, our boys will really be mad about it.  After all, it’s worth millions – maybe billions – and it won’t be in their inheritance.  Come to think of it, Mrs. Curmudgeon isn’t going to be happy either.

Anyway, here it is.  This will lock the 2016 election for Republicans.

Martha Coakley needs to be the Democrats’ nominee in ’16 and the RNC should be going all out to make that happen.  They don’t need to spend a nickle on the Republican nominee.  Make this happen and our dead white cat could be the Republican nominee and win every electoral vote except for possibly Washington DC.

He’s sweep Massachusetts, we’re pretty sure the voters there would think Teddy Kennedy had been resurrected and was running.

Anyway, congratulations to Charlie Baker, the recipient of an early Christmas gift when Massachusetts Democrats nominated Martha.  She is the worst candidate ever nominated for any office.  As a matter of fact, she should be on the Christmas gift list for Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, and Todd Akin.  She made them look great.  She did for those folks what Barack Obama has done for Jimmy Carter.

A Republican Governor in Massachusetts.  Who’d a thunk it.  And true to form, Martha carried her loss with indignity.

No concession, well she finally go drunk enough to make the call.

Democrat Martha Coakley conceded to Republican Charlie Baker this morning, yielding the hard-fought race to her rival after a long night and a razor-thin margin.

Coakley called Baker to congratulate him on his victory at 8:15, according to campaign spokesman Kyle Sullivan, who spoke briefly to the media outside Coakley’s Medford home this morning.

Our favorite comment, because it epitomizes Democrats was the fat Coakley supporter.  “I’m sure both campaigns have lawyers…”  We don’t know about Baker, but we’re sure Coakley’s campaign had a large room full of lawyers, and we’re also sure that she whined “recount” and “sue” at every one of them more than once.

Anyway Martha, don’t despair.  The RNC could have your back, they should be forming exploratory committees in every state tomorrow to make sure you get the Democratic nod in ’16.

And if that doesn’t work out, well there’s always this ticket!

Clinton Coakley!!

Two losers for the price of one!


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