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World Records: This one is disturbing


Ordinarily setting a world record is a worthwhile thing. Running the fastest, jumping the farthest, et cetera is cause for celebrating. Becoming the oldest living person is noteworthy and inspiring. Having the longest fingernail or being named the hairiest teenager–kinda weird, definitely unique. Fastest time bursting three balloons with your back–frivolous, but not dangerous.

Most of these records require personal devotion and persistence, applying oneself to developing a skill that surpasses others in a given endeavor. Sometimes it’s an extraordinary state of being that garners great esteem.

Recently, I stumbled across one world record that really disturbed me. Back in 1939 a record was set by a 5-year-old in Peru. Her name is Lina Medina. In the video below you’ll discover the accomplishment for which she became famous, and remains the world record holder.

What is conspicuous by its absence in the video is any mention, speculation or blame for her impregnation. She did not, after all, achieve pregnancy by herself. Other reports also marvel at the biological abnormality called “precocious puberty” that enabled Lina to become pregnant and they, too, leave out any mention of who sexually abused the little girl.

Lina herself never found it necessary or beneficial to reveal the name of her son’s father. Most likely it was Lina’s own father.

The common denominators in rapes and resulting pregnancies will be explored in a future article. But here’s a spoiler alert: the U.S. has a shockingly high incident of girls 10 years old and younger birthing babies.



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