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‘What Women Want’ Category has PC Crowd Mad at Jeopardy


It’s official: You cannot talk about women or you’re a sexist, hateful, discriminatory cad. by Rodney Lee Conover

Alex Trebek and the gameshow “Jeopardy” are in the doghouse for having a category called, “What Women Want” and not running it through the Thought Police PC filter before airing it on Monday night.

After all, aren’t the liberal gatekeepers of speech the authorities of “what women want?” How dare anyone say a word about women and get away with it? We all know women are no different from men, and any distinction is a hateful stereotype – designed to suppress women everywhere.

Here are some samples of the horrific way “Jeopardy” delivered the category, “What Women Want”:




(“What are Levi’s?”)jeopardy3

(“What is the crossword puzzle?”)


(“What is a vacuum cleaner?”)


(The clue: “Before bed, a cup of this herbal tea from Celestial Seasonings; that’s the logo, seen here.” The response: “What is Sleepytime?”)


(“What is Pilates?”)

Wow – you’d think Jeopardy was calling for women to be treated like they are under Sharia Law from those examples. Is this what this country has come to? You can’t say women like tea? I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t like tea and I’ve met nearly every woman in the world. Or at least I’ve tried.

Here are some responses from various outraged women. I assume they’re women – sorry for prejudging:

“oh my god i’m so embarrassed for alex trebeck and for every living human as well…”
Anne T.
“Dear @Jeopardy: your “What Women Want” category tonight is the definition of sexism. how are women supposed to advance in life”
chissy n
“The answers to the questionable clues implied that the only things women want in life are a pair of jeans and husbands to help with the vacuuming. It was like we were tuning into a replay of an episode from the 1950s.”
— Neha Prakash

My guess is the people who are screaming about this all like tea. I seriously doubt the folks at “Jeopardy” were aiming to say all women are this or all women are that. It’s a freaking category of some things some woman want – nothing more. But of course you have to turn it into a crusade.

No one is being held back by Jeopardy except the insecure fools who would take a game show and put it in the category of “important.”

Political correctness is a bunch of lies. It takes what people think, do or say and calls them bigots, haters and criminals. It is anti-free speech and anything but good for the people it pretends to represent.

I’ll take “Lighten Up Francis” for $200, Alex..


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