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Why Should Blacks Vote for Democrats?


Maybe because blacks are just not very bright?  All show, no go?  All hat, no cattle?

Here’s Jason Riley talking about that subject in a discussion about people walking out on President Obama at a political rally in, of all places, Maryland.

Blacks, more than any other group, have suffered through the past six years of Obama, and they’re going to suffer more than anybody else through the next two years and yet they are the only hope Democrats have of electing anybody.

Highest unemployment rates in history, lowest workforce participation rates in history, highest welfare dependency in history.  That’s a hell of a record for this President, yet they support him because he’s half black.  He’s done absolutely nothing to make the cities safer, and while there isn’t much the federal government should be doing to reduce crime in the inner city, this particular President has a bully pulpit and a big stick to talk to the same “black community” that is murdering itself every weekend in numbers that evoke the word “crisis.”  What’s he done?  Nothing.

Back to Jason Riley’s point, why should blacks turn out in three weeks?  They certainly shouldn’t be turning out to support a party that gave them the KKK – see the Honorable Senator Robert Byrd – and Jim Crow.  They certainly shouldn’t be turning out to support the party that is about to give up to 34 million Mexican immigrants legal status to compete for jobs that are typically held by blacks, leaving them more unemployed and more people on welfare.

Unfortunately, while turnout may be down a little, those that show up will be voting for the Plantation Party.  See our opening comment.


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