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“Weekend of Resistance” Continues in Ferguson: [VIDEO]


In Ferguson, Mo.; the “Weekend of Resistance” continued Saturday and Sunday with several hundred people gathered at the memorial to Mike Brown to chant and wave signs.

One sign read “Black Lives Matter”. Other signs called for justice in the police shooting of black teen Mike Brown:

Many of those who attended the vigil marched some two miles to the Ferguson Police Department to begin another protest there. Police shut South Florissant Rd. to traffic from 8:30 to past midnight so demonstrators could voice their complaints about police.

ferguson vigilOfficers from St. Louis County and the Missouri Highway Patrol stood in riot gear for much of the night blocking access to the Ferguson Police Department.

The deep bass of hip-hop music rang through the background of the protests as hundreds of demonstrators – a mix of residents and out-of-towners – stood toe-to-toe with police officers holding the line in front of their department headquarters.

Demonstrators taunted police at times using epithets and demeaning criticism. Officers stood silent and did not respond. At times the crowd appeared to reach three to four hundred. By midnight most had left.

“If you touch a police officer, you will be charged with assault,” police warned over a megaphone. But the crowd remained mostly calm – a distinctly lower level of energy than the groups gathered in the days and weeks here after Brown’s death.

The vigil and march Friday night took on greater significance this week after a second shooting just 12 miles away from Ferguson tapped into the community’s frustrations and sparked yet another round of spontaneous protests.

On Wednesday, a uniformed, off-duty police officer shot 17 bullets at 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers Jr., killing the teen on the spot after he allegedly fired three shots at the officer. According to St. Louis police, a 9mm handgun was recovered at the scene, as were the three bullets apparently fired in the direction of the officer. However, the teen’s family disputes the police account, saying Myers was unarmed and merely carrying a sandwich that he had bought at a local convenience store.


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