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We Have an Ebola Czar. You’re Gonna Die From Ebola.


President Obola Obama, after insisting he wasn’t going to appoint an “Ebola Czar” did just that yesterday.  Feel better?  You shouldn’t.

First, here’s a flashback to the most incompetent Press Secretary – Josh Earnest – in the history of the world commenting on why we don’t need an Ebola Czar just a week or so ago.

The Obama administration will certainly have a unique place in history.  The President himself has rehabilitated Jimmy Carter, who was previously the worst President in history.  Josh Earnest has rehabilitated Baghdad Bob.

Now then, with that as a reference point, we now have an Ebola Czar.  You’d likely expect that person to have some expertise in communicable diseases and probably lots of expertise in the US healthcare system because there’s going to have to be a lot of working with both doctors and hospital administrators to coordinate a plan to contain the disease.

You’d be wrong.  Very wrong.

Got that?  Ron Klain.  A PR guy.  A Washington “fixer.”  The guy who made sure the Obama campaign fund bundler got his loan guarantees for Solyndra.  A guy who’s knowledge of Ebola, medicine, hospitals, and doctors is probably on part with ours.  And, just to be clear, we’re not qualified to be the Ebola Czar either.  We are qualified to downsize government, but that’s another story for another day.

Here’s a snapshot of the guy Obama just appointed, with his MightyPen, to protect you from Ebola.

According to The Washington Post, Klain was one of the “key players” in the scandal while he worked for Vice President Joe Biden: “Ron Klain, then Biden’s chief of staff, dismissed auditor’s concerns about Solyndra’s solvency, reasoning that all innovative companies come with risk.”

He saw no problems with Solyndra and was willing to convince all comers that the auditor was wrong.  By-the-way, Klain doesn’t know anything about auditing or accounting either.  And as long as we’re on the “A” words he’s ignorant of, how about “accountability,” because in the real world anybody who’d pulled what he did with Solyndra would, at best, never work again.  At worst, and more likely, he’d be in prison.

But he’s now The Man, at least according to somebody else that is ignorant about accountability, President Obama and he’s on the job, and following in the President’s footsteps.  You’re thinking that he’s reporting directly to the President or maybe the Surgeon General, or the head of the CDC, right?  Again, you’d be wrong.

Speaking from the White House Friday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said new Ebola Czar Ron Klain will report to former U.N. ambassador and current National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

“Mr. Klain will ultimately however report to Ms. Monoco [Homeland Security] and to National Security Advisor Susan Rice in this effort,” Earnest said.

As a reminder, Susan Rice is the woman who went on five Sunday talk shows to lie about a YouTube video being responsible for the 9/11 attack in Benghazi. She is also the same person who said alleged Army deserter and Taliban sympathizer Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction.

This administration is a Clown Car.

And, speaking of following in the President’s footsteps, you remember how President Obama never bothers to attend his National Security Briefs?  Aside from the fact that he might be thinking they’re some kind of weird underwear like Mitt Romney wears, he obviously has better things to do, like play golf, after all, he’s been to the golf course more times than he’s attended those silly briefings, our new Ebola Czar is right there with him.

Ron Klain, the newly-appointed “Ebola Czar” for Barack Obama’s administration, did not attend a White House meeting Friday discussing the federal response to the domestic threat of the deadly Ebola virus.

An email blast from the White House listing the meeting’s participants did not include Klain, who was given the position earlier in the day.

President Obama wasn’t there either.

Bottom line, your life is now being protected by a public relations fixer who reports to a serial liar and can’t make time to attend the kickoff meeting discussing what the response of our federal government should be to Ebola.



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