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There May Be Reason For Hope. And Change.


We are a cynical old Curmudgeon.  We actually didn’t have to get old, we’ve been pretty cynical as long as we can remember – which the older we get isn’t so long anymore.  Anyway, one of the joys of living in America, is just when things are looking dark, someone comes along with a bright light.  We want to thank Elbert Guillory for shining his light in our world today and we think you’ll want to join in.

Chances are, you’ve never heard of Mr. Guillory, we hadn’t.  After listening to this video, you’re not likely to forget him, we won’t.  Mr. Guillory is State Senator Guillory and he hails from Opelousas, Louisiana.  You can find out more about this fine man and we’d encourage you to check him out.  Especially, listen to his response to a Democrat State Senator who insulted him when he was testifying before a Senate Committee.  She accused him of being white.  She got a lesson from Senator Guillory.

At any rate, he’s made an ad challenging the US Senator from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu.  It’s a classic.

We have nothing to add.



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