The Perfect Storm – No Indictment in Ferguson

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Just like everybody else in America, we have no idea what really happened when Michael Brown was killed by officer Darren Wilson.  The only thing we’re absolutely sure of is that everything that’s happened since the moment Brown took his last breath has been mishandled, screwed up, and turned into a complete clusterf*ck by the Ferguson PD, the Governor of Missouri, and US Department of “Justice.”

There is currently a grand jury in St. Louis County hearing the case against officer Wilson and they were originally scheduled to make a decision by mid-October.  Several weeks ago that date was moved to mid-January.  Needless to say, there’s more than a little pressure on the DA and grand jury.  Yesterday things ratcheted up.

An account of possible jury misconduct surfaced Wednesday morning on Twitter, when several users sent messages about one juror who may have discussed evidence in the case with a friend.

In one of those messages, a person tweeted that they are friends with a member of the jury who doesn’t believe there is enough evidence to warrant an arrest of the officer, Darren Wilson.

The same person who tweeted about being friends with a member of the jury has also tweeted messages of support for Wilson.

In the world of STUPID this stands out like trying to make the case that Nancy Pelosi has a double digit IQ.  It’s an obvious sign that you don’t have to be smart to serve on a grand jury.

Think about it.  If you were called to serve on a grand jury in the highest profile criminal case in the US, and if you happened to have sympathy for the person being investigated, would you actually break your vow of silence regarding the proceeding to let people know that there wasn’t enough evidence to indict?  Could anyone in the US possibly be dumb enough to believe that action wouldn’t blow up in their face?

Well, it looks like that’s exactly what happened.

14-1002 - Ferguson Tweet


Stoopid.  Drooling, brain dead, can’t dress yourself or feed yourself STOOPID.  Shouldn’t be allowed back into civil society STOOPID.  Can’t we send this idiot (with apologies to idiots) to GITMO for something STOOPID!  Arrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.

There are exactly no good things going to happen from this act of stupidity.

  • The current grand jury could be dissolved and a new grand jury empaneled.
  • The Department of Justice could “investigate” this grand juror, the whole grand jury, and the “process” to make sure Michael Brown’s rights are being protected.
  • This act will add significant fuel to the fire that the case is founded on racism in the PD and in the community.
  • The case could be moved from St. Louis county to another jurisdiction and a new grand jury be empaneled.


Those little gems are just off the top of our quickly balding head.  Lord knows with a glass of cheap scotch we could come up with a dozen more.  We don’t waste the good 21 year old single malt on exercises like this.  If you’re going to drink and think about crap like this you drink something that leaves a really nasty taste in your mouth.

We would certainly hope that the St. Louis County DA acts quickly – as in today – and pulls the accused grand juror and the idiot who sent that Tweet into whatever black hole they’ve got in St. Louis County and keep them there at least until this grand jury can reach a decision.  Hopefully, sometime in January.

Aside from the obvious, see above, reasons this is concerning is that Michael Brown is nothing more than the latest pawn that Democrats are using to get apathetic parts of their base to the polls in 33 days.  RACISM!!!

Only Democrats are brazen enough use the death of a young man to push people to the polls.  It’s not like they give a damn about Michael Brown or his parents.  It’s not like they give a damn about dead black kids.  There was one black kid shot this year in Ferguson, MO and he happens to be a rallying cry for the Democratic Party.

The hundreds of dead black kids who’ve been murdered in Chicago this year don’t rate so much as a peep from the Democrats who run Chicago – the same Democrats who’ve presided over the city where thousands of black kids have been murdered.  Those dead black kids in Chicago don’t rate a peep from our President, who happens to be half black and hails from Chicago, or our Attorney General, also black and from Chicago.  There’s no political benefit to dealing with their deaths.

To put this in perspective, more black men have been murdered in Chicago by black men in the last 13 years than US soldiers and Marines killed in Afghanistan.  By a lot.  Yet not a peep, because there is no benefit to the administration or to the race baiters.  And, they were murdered by blacks.

Bottom line, we hope the grand jury in St. Louis County is allowed to do their job, without regard to whether an indictment against officer Wilson comes down or not.  Frankly, we expect an indictment.  We also hope the DA can push resolution of this stupidity out for another 34 days, we’ve had it with race baiting and the victims’ lobby.


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