Susan Rice Lies AGAIN!!

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You’ll remember Susan Rice, right? That would be Ms. “It was an internet video” Susan Rice. The Obama administration trots her out every time they need a straight faced liar to make an appearance on the Sunday Propaganda Shows. She has an unblemished record as a liar, and being a Democrat and a highly placed member of the Obama administration, she doesn’t have to worry about being called out the next time she shows up.

Benghazi was Rice’s first round of lies. Then came the announcement that one Bowe Bergdahl, a US Army deserter who’d been held by Islamists for five years, was headed home at the very reasonable price of five of the top Muslim terrorists being held in Gitmo. After all, according to Rice, his service was “honorable and distinguished.” We suspect that both Rice and her boss both think that his service was “honorable and distinguished.”

It’s now time for Round Three.

Interviewed on Meet the Press, Rice responded to a question about Turkey’s obvious lack of cooperation in the fight against ISIS in Syria by saying:

[F]irst of all, the Turks have, this just in the last several days, made a commitment that they will in the first instance allow the United States and our partners to use Turkish bases and territory to train– hold on let me explain this carefully — to train the moderate Syrian opposition forces.

So that is a new commitment that they have now joined Saudi Arabia in giving the go-head for that important contribution. In addition, they have said that their facilities inside of Turkey can be used by the coalition forces, American and otherwise, to engage in activities inside of Iraq and Syria.

That’s the new commitment, and one that we very much welcome.

According to Rice, the Coalition of the Unwilling would be able to use Turkish airbases to launch the handful of strikes we are currently carrying out against ISIS. And, it’s just a handful. We suspect the reason for the small number of airstrikes is that apparently all strikes require Presidential sign-off and he’s had trouble lately finding the time to review the strike plans, what with just completing his 200th round of golf.

OK, so anyway it looks like Turkey is going to be a full fledged coalition member and they’re going to go to war against ISIS. Well, they were on Sunday. Or not.

On Monday, we hear this.

On Monday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu denied there was such an agreement on bases, according to state-run Anadolu Agency. “There is no decision at the moment concerning Incirlik or any other issue,” the agency quoted Cavusoglu as saying in reference to the U.S. air base located in southern Turkey.

Charles Krauthammer pretty well nails it.

Looks like she should have checked with the Turks, instead of just relying on the Turkeys.


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