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Students Suspended Over Facebook Post!!


This week we have more students being suspended with a chance of expulsion over a picture posted on social media!!!

Tito Velez and Jamie Pereira, were preparing to go to a school dance at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School in Taunton, MA on Friday when the parents took the following picture and they posted it on Facebook.  The police were called, the kids were interrogated without the parents permission or their presence, their lockers were searched, and when the kids asked to call their parents, they were told to “Be Quiet!”  INSANITY!

When does the madness stop?


As reported in the Universal Free Press, after the authorities investigated and found there to be no threat, the school suspended these two kids for 10 days, with a meeting planned with the school board to discuss expulsion!

What happened to common sense and parental sovereignty!

We have seen so many times over the last few years where both have been tossed out so that the schools can play the game of political correctness police.

It was just June of last year that Jared Marcum, a 14 year old boy was arrested and was facing jail time because he wore an NRA shirt to school and protested when a rogue teacher tried to trample his 1st Amendment rights.   The year before that, Samantha Pawlucy was ordered by her geometry teacher to remove her pro-Romney shirt and made fun of her in the process.  If I began to list all of the incidents that have occurred over the last few years of situations just like these, we would slow traffic on the internet for weeks!

The West Virginia eighth-grader arrested after refusing a teacher’s demand he remove a National Rifle Association T-shirt he wore to school

The schools have absolutely no business  inserting themselves into these issues!

They are having a hard enough time just doing their job of educating and preparing our children for life.

The parents of children at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School need to rise up and make it clear that this is unacceptable behavior on the part of school officials.  They need to call it what it is, child abuse. Our children only get one chance to be kids.  Actions like these do damage that will follow them through life.

Please share this story. Call Dr. Gross or Principal Pearson at (508) 823-5151 and let them know your disdain! If we do not  put a stop to these atrocities, what kind of schools will the next generation attend? Scares me, that is all I know!

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