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Stephen Collins: Minister on TV, Pedophile in Real Life


Stephen Collins kept his propensity for being aroused by pre-pubescent girls a secret as he played a convincing devoted family man and minister on TV in 7th Heaven.  Now the ugly truth is creating a feeding frenzy in the media, for good reason.

A taped confession is pretty damning.  Collins admitted to inappropriate behavior with underage girls in an audio tape with his wife drawing out a confession, and a therapist witnessing their conversation.

I listened to the audio tape. It sounds like him, and he sounds like a pedophile . . . reluctant to come clean.

First his confession was one girl/one time. Then it was a couple of girls. Finally it was several girls over a period of years. Typical.

Don’t think I don’t know, either. I can relate to Faye Grant, estranged wife of Collins. A wife confronted with her husband’s unnatural sexual attraction to children is thrust into a state of disbelief that has no equal. Conversations with the man to whom you are married are muffled in a heavy fog and anger and suspicion.

Grant  confronted Collins after her fog started to lift, and reality began to set in. She was smart to question him in the presence of a therapist. She was even smarter to record it. [In California that’s legal.]

While I can relate to Mrs. Collins’ [Grant] ghastly realization,  our experiences are distinctly different. She did not get a phone call from a therapist telling her her husband needs psychological help for pedophilia. She did not hear the therapist warn her that if there was a court case, she would deny breaching therapist/client privelege. She did not read and re-read a report by an OB/GYN confirming sexual abuse of her daughter.  Mrs. Collins did not hear her 4-year-old daughter’s description of the molestation, and the code words her husband had used for his secret activity with their daughter.

But, like me, Grant did find out and she believes the truth: her husband, Stephen Collins, invaded the privacy of young girls, and manipulated situations where he engaged in sexually provocative touching, at the very least. Repeatedly. What he did to those innocents could not be undone.

Then he kept it to himself until the truth could no longer be denied because his victims had found their voice and gained champions for justice in their parents.

The whole truth will probably go with Stephen Collins to the grave. He’s too smart and too guilty to admit to everything.


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