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Speaker Boehner! Pay Attention to Barack’s Numbers


The Republican leadership in Congress, such as it is, is a clone of Barack Obama in a number of ways.  While we will give them some credit for being “more conservative” than Obama, they’re more like him than they are different from him.  By the way, by way of a weak defense of the “more conservative” comment, we would argue that Lenin and Stalin were “more conservative” than Leon Trotsky too.

In terms of their most damning similarity, we give you “immigration reform.”

The President seems dead set on using his MightyPen to legalize upwards of 30 million illegal aliens.McConnell and Boehner, along with the hardcore Republican Establishment, are committed to passing legislation that will do the same thing.  They’ll blabber about “border security” but just like every other time Congress has passed anything to do with immigration or the border, the “security” part will be in the plan for 2020.  Or 2024.  Or never.

Democrats will be ecstatic because they’ll have enough voters to reduce the Republican Party to the Party of Robert Michel and the Republican Establishment will be ecstatic because the Chamber of Commerce will tell them they love them, Democrats will throw them some crumbs and the major media will stop calling Republicans “racists.”  Well, the media will lay off for one Friday news dump, but they’ll be back at it with a vengeance on Monday.

There’s a lesson for both the President and for the Republican Establishment in this, it just remains to be seen whether they will acknowledge it.

Immigration is President Barack Obama’s worst issue one week before the midterm elections that could give Republicans control of Congress.

A Fox News poll released on Tuesday found that only 34 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of immigration, while 60 percent disapprove.

Yes, this poll addresses the President’s position on immigration, but since the Republican’s position isn’t really any different, we would hope McConnell and Boehner would take note.  As a final nail in this coffin, the poll also showed this.

A strong majority of Americans (62 percent) “lack confidence in President Obama’s leadership.”

And again, the poll addresses Obama but we’d note that, unlike McConnell and Boehner, at least the President is showing some leadership.  We don’t like it, but he doesn’t back down from confrontations on domestic issues.  He may be the most gutless wonder of all time on the international stage, but when he’s up against a team that is even more gutless at home, he’s got spine.  Again, we hope McConnell and Boehner take note.

After we have another cup of coffee or two we’ll come to our senses.

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