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So, What Do You Say? Wanna Help Defeat a Liberal?


We did our best to type that with a Minnesoota accent, and in honor of one of our favorite movies it was almost “Whatdaya say Margie?”  But seriously, we’ve really got an opportunity, with 28 days until the election, to make a difference in a rural district in Minnesota.

Every election cycle, there’s an “Election Night Surprise;” a result that neither the pundits nor the talking heads anticipated or saw coming.

This year, that race just might be occurring in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District.

In 2006, far-left liberal Tim Walz waltzed into Republican-leaning MN CD-1 masquerading as a “one of the guys” moderate. He rode that message, and the anti-Republican wave, to victory in a District that had been in Republican hands for all but twelve years since 1893.

Since then, Congressman Walz has become a master at acting like a moderate at home, while voting in Washington D.C. for the radical left agenda of Barack Obama. How liberal is he? He managed to be rated by the Club for Growth as one of the 30 most liberal CongressCritters in Washington.

But it looks like Walz’s 1st District charade has finally caught up with him thanks to a guy named Jim Hagedorn.

A recent poll conducted by Harper Polling for the Hagedorn campaign (passed along to me by a source I have inside the campaign) has ominous news for Mr. Walz.

The full report is HERE.

You don’t need to be Nate Silver to know that those numbers spell trouble for an incumbent. And it’s not helping Mr. Walz that Obama’s disapproval rating in the district is 56%, with 48% strongly disapproving of his performance.

Not only is Tim in deep caca, he’s running against a candidate who is an articulate, small-government, power back to the people and the states conservative who has studied what it takes to defeat an incumbent Congressman.

That’s why this same poll showed Hagedorn with a phenomenal 86% name recognition in the District despite being vastly outspent by Walz and his GOP-endorsed primary opponent (oh, did I mention that Jim beat the Party-endorsed candidate in the primary by almost 10 points in what a long-time Minnesota political pundit called “the greatest upset in Minnesota politics in 20 years?).

How’d he do it? Well, retail politicking still resonates in this largely rural district. Hagedorn spent the last year crisscrossing the 21 counties of the 1st District, shaking over 100,000 hands at coffee shop, parades, county fairs and family farms and participating in over 200 media events and 150 Main Street stops.

That 86% name recognition that Mr. Hagedorn enjoys? He spent less than $50,000 getting it.

But in all honesty, this grassroots conservative can’t do this with shoe leather, handshakes and free media alone.

While the polls show that the voters of the 1st District aren’t rushing to re-elect the far-left Obama toady, they don’t know Jim Hagedorn well enough to know that he’s a viable alternative.

We think he is.

Jim’s policy positions are down-the-line state’s rights positions:

  • Dump Obamacare…
  • Reign in the EPA…
  • Build the fence and don’t even think about giving amnesty to illegal immigrants…
  • Repeal Dodd-Frank…
  • Quit giving Obama a free pass on his un-Constitutional Executive Orders…
  • and bring political power back to the states and to the people.

It’s no surprise that Walz has the usual labor unions/big-business-as-usual PACs/Hollywood Elite support. It should also come as no surprise that Jim’s not the “Establishment” pick for this race. Which means he needs the help of patriots like us.

This is one of those races where you can make a difference because it’s a rural district where media costs are stupid cheap. That means average Joe’s and Jane’s can actually make a difference.

What we have here is the opportunity to replace a far-left Obama-hugger with a constitutional conservative in a district that is much more in tune with the latter than it is the former.

So, we’re encouraging you to join us and let the moths out of your wallet, and help our country replace a big government Leftist with a 10th Amendment conservative. You can help add not just a Republican to the next Congress, but a Conservative Republican.  In our home district our conservative Republican Congressman doesn’t have any competition so we’re backing JIm.

You can join us with a contribution that can make a real difference.  Won’t you join us today?  Just click the WIN-WIN to help Jim retire a liberal loon.

This is a winnable race. It’s not on anyone’s radar. Let’s get it there. Let’s roll!


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