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Slimy, No-Talent Party Hack is Obama’s Pick To Solve Ebola Crisis


How nice. Obama has shown again how seriously he takes his job. Between fund-raising trips and jaunts to the golf course, he took time to appoint political operative Ron Klain as his “Ebola Czar”. This guy has no background whatsoever with medicine, health care, or disease control. Nor does he have any experience (successfully) managing or coordinating any strategic effort of any kind.

What does Klain bring to the table that makes him the natural pick to lead the nation’s effort to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus before it blossoms into a full-blown epidemic? I’m glad you asked.

Ron Klain’s Resume

  • He is a lawyer. That in itself is not a crime. But lawyers don’t lead, they don’t see the world strategically, as an arena to act decisively; they see the world according to details, to competing arguments, as an arena in which to persuade. Should an Ebola Czar act decisively, or should he occupy himself persuading?
  • He’s an experienced lobbyist – you know, the kind of person Obama promised would not be in his administration. Naturally, USA Today is quick to point out that he was not a “registered” lobbyist, so that, like, doesn’t count as (another) broken Obama promise. Yeah OK, whatever. You could argue that schmoozing congressmen into allocating budgetary earmarks toward the fat cats you represent counts as a form of competence. Good for you. Do you want him as the only thing standing between you and the Ebola virus?
  • In the 2000 election Florida recount fiasco, he led Al Gore’s army of lawyers. Which means he made the call on selecting only Democrat-dominated counties to recount; he brought us “hanging chads” and “pregnant chads”; he decided to go directly after military votes and get as many disqualified as possible. What does this say about our Ebola Czar? He is a vicious opportunistic bottom-feeder who happily exploited the absentee voting challenges facing our military personnel who happened to be serving overseas or at sea during the 2000 election. Also, his side lost, so Klain gets no points here for successful experience coordinating a large multi-team effort. So, scumbag and loser.
  • He has been the chief of staff of Al Gore while he was Vice President, of Joe Biden when he was Vice President, and Janet Reno when she was Attorney General for Bill Clinton. I will grant that this, COS of very high-ranking cabinet members, actually counts toward useful experience. But the crisis management here is more about message control, political spin, than about effective problem-solving. Which, by the way, explains much about why Obama picked him for this spot.
  • He was deeply involved in the Solyndra mess, and probably was the person most responsible for Obama looking like a fool when that company went bankrupt. Valerie Jarrett at one point asked for his assessment of Solyndra’s stability, shorty before Obama visited and heralded Solyndra as a shining example of his “green energy” emphasis. Klain reported to Jarrett that there were risks, but only so much as might be expected in an emerging industry. He was not, per se a part of the scandal. But his attitude typifies that of the Obamanistas – that taxpayer money is play money, to be applied to the Democrat agenda without hesitation. Also, at the time he reported Solyndra has “having some risk factors”, they in fact had already burned through an amazing amount of money with no discernible product or prospect of viability, which would have been easily observable to anybody looking closely. What does this say about our Ebola Czar? He has not displayed the ability to recognize current and upcoming problems.

So, hey, I feel better.

If this administration was even minimally competent…

So why do we even have the cabinet department HHS (Health and Human Services), the NIH (National Institutes of Health), and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) anyway? Do they not exists for exactly this type of thing? To serve the American public in matters of health and disease, and to keep a watchful eye on the risks of epidemics?

cdc1HHS has been busy wasting billions of dollars on Obamacare, and that dreadful exchange. Both the NIH and CDC appear to have been caught completely unprepared to address the challenge. The NIH has spent the last 6 years spending effort and taxpayer money on fanciful waste such as why lesbians are fat, “origami condoms” (don’t ask), texting obese people, and finding out why people like Seinfeld re-runs. The CDC has shown us that they have had no protocols in place for an invasion of a dangerous disease. What have they been doing?

Selecting a “czar” to do something the government was supposed to already be doing, wha tdoes that say about the person leading that government for six years now? And in the face of utter incompetence of existing agencies, they have selected a sleazy political hack with absolutely no background in health, disease, or medicine.

What does that say about Obama’s interest in actually using the government to protect the citizens? I dare say, he just wants it out of the headlines.


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