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Second Health Care Giver For Thomas Eric Duncan Now Infected


A second Health care worker helping the liar from Liberia, Thomas Eric Duncan, has been diagnosed with Ebola and the Administration is still standing by it’s policy of no travel ban.

Seems impossible, but here we are. CDC Director Thomas Frieden once again reiterated what I believe to be an insane statement: “The nation’s health protection agency should have stepped in and taken control when the country’s first Ebola case emerged in Dallas.”

Insane in light of the fact they also don’t believe in standard travel and quarantine restrictions for a deadly and communicable disease such as Ebola.

Details below from The Dallas News:

The health care worker, like nurse Nina Pham, took care of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who became the nation’s first person diagnosed with the deadly virus. The Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed the positive results.
“Like Nina Pham, this is a heroic person – a person who has dedicated her life to helping others,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins at a press conference Wednesday morning.
Jenkins said the new patient is handling the situation with “grit, grace and determination.”
City and county officials did not confirm whether the health care worker was also a nurse. The health care worker, who has not been publicly identified, was put into isolation within 90 minutes of reporting she had a fever. They declined to give an exact time frame for when the new patient tested positive for Ebola in a preliminary test at a state lab in Austin.
In addition to Pham and the second health care worker, there are 75 other hospital workers being monitored for symptoms of Ebola. Officials said they expect to see more cases.
“It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings at an early morning press conference.
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is equipped to care for three Ebola patients in isolation, said Dr. Daniel Varga, chief clinical officer and senior vice president of the hospital’s parent company, Texas Health Resources.
He called the second Ebola infection of a hospital worker “an unprecedented crisis.”

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