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‘Saturday Night Live’ Ratings Hit Low


Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis and Seth Meyers recently left the cast of “Saturday Night Live” and started a ratings slide which hit bottom this past weekend.

So what’s the problem with SNL? It’s not funny and most of it is predictable and noticeably left-leaning. This is the show that used to be cutting-edge – but now it’s just Lorne Michaels cutting anything that resembles anything that smacks of what might be funny to conservatives.

Noted lefty Sarah Silverman hosted what many believe to be the lamest, most unfunny episode in the show’s 40-year history last week and even bringing back Bill Hader as the host this week couldn’t stave off the bad taste from Silverman, who doesn’t resemble anything close to humor.

Here’s some comments from “Deadline Hollywood” that are mostly funnier than the show itself:

The Studio stunk of failure as Silverman slimed her way through. Buy Chlorox stock. It will take a lot of it to clean up the place for the next ac. Bill Hader was funny and funnier by far than Sarah. She made it so unfunny that the unfunny carried over into the funny.
— Jonathan

Too bad it was infinitely funnier than last week’s episode, which was about as funny as watching a cancer patient dying in their hospital bed.
— ThisVsThat

Time for NBC to boot lorne michaels. He’s not had a funny bone in his body for over 15 years.
— Scott

It hasn’t been “funny” since the cast with Chris Farley even though there were a very few gems brought in with more recent cast members who are now gone as well.
— ERic

Looking past the lame opening skit about Kim Jong-Un, I laughed a lot. It was great to have Kristen Wiig on the show, too. She and Bill Hader were hilarious throughout the show.
— Tom M

And you must smoke crack
— Anonymous

Every single member of the cast is solid but the show in whole has become a turn off. The SNL brand is self aware now and no fun to watch.
— Kellyman

SNL only covers one side of political satire. Not funny anymore. It’s advocacy humor schtick isn’t funny and tries to make a point and fails at both.
— Mark

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