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Pop Star Rihanna Targeted by Anti-Gun Nuts for Wearing THIS


Anti-gun nuts are foaming at the mouth after pictures of pop star Rihanna brandishing a gun-shaped purse hit Twitter, sending liberals into yet another fit of hysterics since everyone knows that firearms are the root of all evil and will bring about the end of the world.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that Rihanna has publicly expressed her love for guns, as she’s also been photographed wearing a gold necklace with a revolver as the charm, and even has a tattoo of a pistol on the right side of her torso. The singer said the tattoo is a “symbol of strength.”

Progressive big government statists came out of the woodwork to insult the music star’s taste in fashion, wasting no time throwing one of their own under the bus for sharing a view that differs from the collective.

From Western Journalism:

Nevertheless, some anti-gun activists used the opportunity to criticize the domestic abuse victim for her ostensible glorification of firearms.

An E! article repeatedly described the choice as controversial, citing a 2010 appearance in which the singer carried a purse featuring a prominent image of a handgun. The report predicted that her latest “accessories of choice will be met with mixed reviews.”International Business Times chronicled a few of the more disapproving comments, including one that blamed the American government’s refusal to “implement gun control law” for creating an environment in which such a fashion statement could be deemed acceptable.

Another critic described Rihanna as an “attention seeker” whose accessory choice was as “[d]umb and insensitive as you could get.” Plenty of others reacted by labeling her decision “controversial.”

Here are the pictures driving gun control advocates into fits of insanity.



Liberal thinking seems to cause people to develop a mental defect that prevents them from processing common sense truths. Take for example, their hatred of firearms and the magical power they attribute to these inanimate objects to murder people without the help of crazy individuals with evil intentions wielding them.

Progressive gun control nuts always talk about banning guns as if doing so would, by some divine miracle, eliminate all of the hate and animosity in the world and make everyone love each other and sing Kumbaya around the camp fire. While these thoughts of lollipops, cotton candy clouds, and unicorns that poop out endless supplies of Skittles are pleasant, they are nothing more than childish fantasies that ignore reality.

There are bad people in the world. Sickos who like to steal, kill, rape, and commit unspeakable acts of horror against those who are defenseless. Unfortunately, the average response time for a first responder is close to eight minutes, which is a whole lot of time for a whole of bad to happen. Guns in the hands of a responsible owner levels the playing field and tips the odds in the favor of the victim instead of the criminal.

Liberals don’t seem to understand this plain fact, which is why they’re still calling for tighter gun control and have sensual dreams about the day when a complete gun ban might one day go into effect in America. They’re so desperate for this to happen they’ll even viciously attack their own, as Rihanna is now learning, for wearing something gun related as a fashion accessory.

This is exactly why the Founders, the brilliant men that they were, put the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. People have a God-given right to defend themselves against criminals and tyrannical government, and that’s the bottom line, whether liberals like it or not.

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