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Remember When Democrats Were Anti-War?


If Democrats didn’t have hypocrisy to fall back on, they’d just fall.  There are a couple of conclusions that we can draw from today’s subject, first, Democrats are the poster people for hypocrisy.  Second, their supporters have a collective IQ of about four.

Democrats have consistently done one thing well over the past few decades.  They target a “group,” pander to them, create an environment where the group monolithically votes for Democrats, and then they abandon them.  The most interesting thing about all of this is that the group remains loyal to Democrats even though the Party consistently acts against their best interests.

The latest group they’re ignoring is the anti-war movement.  Interestingly enough, there’s only one anti-war crusader from the “Bush is a War Criminal” years who is still pounding her drums.  Cindy Sheehan.  More on her in a moment, but have an adult beverage and listen to a painful four minutes with Cindy, who happens to speak with more clarity on the issue of Democrats than anybody who can still get some face time on TV.  Note that she’s not on a major network.

Full disclosure:  we are a Marine Corps family, our son was a SpOps Marine from 2001 to 2005.  Cindy Sheehan is a grade A nut case on pretty much all things except her comments about Democrats and their supporters.

She’s very clear that she considers the “movers and shakers” of the anti-war movement to traitors who’ve sold out the cause to the Democratic Party, and she actually named Media Benjamin of Code Pink.

There’s no question but that she’s right about the fact that the anti-war movement is nothing more than an “anti-Republican-war” movement.  That goes from the people like Code Pinko right up to the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who never was at a loss for words about George Bush being a war criminal.  What do we hear from Pelosi and the anti-war caucus – that included 100% of the Congressional Black Caucus?  Crickets.

Democrats have been able to create an enabling community of voters to keep them in office.  They act in direct contradiction of what they told the anti-war movement their values are and do it blatantly.  They do the same thing to blacks.  If you look at polling data for blacks, they say their values actually align better with conservative Republican values, yet they vote 90%+ for Democrats.  After the election, Democrats are back in office, they can safely go back to ignoring their black constituency, knowing that they’ll get those votes in two more years.

We’re writing this mostly out of frustration.  We have a hard time understanding how groups can be so utterly stupid.  But then again, we live in Arizona and look at who our two “Republican” senators are.



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