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Prom Pics You Don’t Want to See: Pt. II


Prom photographs just aren’t what they used to be.

Now you can just delete embarrassing pics and take another. These will live forever. Sadly…

Never been this close to a girl.. amazing.

Nothing says classy like posing with fake diamonds.

Fake Diamonds are a girl’s second-best friend..

There's just no words for this. I'm sure mom and dad framed this and hung it on the wall.

If you wanna ride… you ride the white hoss..

Awkward, or brilliant?  We're more shocked the school let him show up with a pimp cup!

Who is the man, who would risk his life for brother man? PromKingShaft..


Jimmy didn’t need a girl… he had his French roll to keep him warm.

First; those colors. Second; are those their parents?

Heather has two mommies… and they’re damn sure going to the prom with us Billy!

Are they all attending prom? Or did this couple just pose with the 80s cover band?
Only years later did they realize it was young members of Wang Chung who photobombed them that night..

This dress looks more like a bad bridesmaids dress. And come on, you couldn't take off the sunglasses for one picture?
The very first life-like love-doll. And I made her out of porcelain and drapes. And I love her.

Oh there's nothing like showing your love of hunting through your custom made camo dress and dad holding a rifle.

Matt wasn’t scared of Molly’s father. Her little brother in the tree creeped him the F out, thou..

If my date showed up in nothing but denim shorts, I'd be making that face too.

This dress was expensive. Cost dad the shirt off his back..

He looks like he stepped out of a hair metal band and her 80s dress... well, that can be forgiven.

If this night goes as planned, I’ll soon be giving her rings… the Lord of the Rings! Muah ha ha

These two probably listened to too much Flock of Seagulls back in the day.

Flock of Seagulls, circa 1969.



So…. which one’s your fav? Which one reminds you of you? Be honest-




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