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Be Prepared, Not Only the Motto of a True Scout


Nine years ago, after filming armed paramilitaries crossing the border, I warned of an inevitable narco-terror war and was promptly labeled a racist and xenophobe. The war came anyway.

Three months ago, while working on the border, we filmed the Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, Zack Taylor, as he warned that America was at risk of Ebola crossing into the US:

We were labeled as conspiracy theorists and fear mongers. Ebola came anyway. Do you see a pattern here? Truth is power and right now, the power has not been with the people.

This past June, Border Patrol agents were telling us that they were concerned for their family’s safety. “We know these people are sick. We don’t know what they are sick with. We are afraid of bringing disease home to our children and we are not being given any information.”

On July 5, I went to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, NM. FLTC was one of several facilities being used as a detention center for illegal aliens. I was only allowed to film the facility from the exterior. I went inside and spoke with the security commander about getting an interview. He asked me what kind of questions I wanted to ask the Public Information Officer. When I said that I was interested in knowing whether or not the detainees were being held for at least 21 days, the immediate change in his body language was notification that the pre- interview was now over.

The incubation period for Ebola is 21 days. When I spoke with Artesia Mayor Phillip Burch, I asked him if he had been given assurances from the Federal Government that detainees would be held for at least 21 days before being released into the American interior.

At that time, he had not. Seven weeks later, 89 detainees at the Artesia facility tested positive for exposure to TB. Five days after that, the facility was quarantined due to chickenpox. Residents informed me that at on August 25, at an Artesia town hall meeting, a DHS medical officer reported that they had a child with an acute respiratory infection that they had not been able to cure. That child and her family had been released into the general public.

Entero Virus D68 causes acute respiratory infection. At the beginning of the month, there were 277 cases of Entero Virus D68. Now there are more almost 600 cases in 43 states. It is suspected to have killed at least 5 children, two adults and paralyzed many more.

Do you see a pattern here?

Ebola is a gruesome killer. EV D68 is killing Americans now. My concern is for the very near future. For many years, the United States has sent a strong message to Latin America and the rest of the world:

“If you get here, you will get free medical care, no problema. “ Eric Duncan knew that. The American medical system wasn’t able to save his life, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. The medical bills for this one foreign citizen alone may be over half a million dollars. (Bloomberg)

African illegal aliens have been crossing through south Texas ranches for years. It is very possible that some may indeed carry Ebola into the United States. Hopefully, it will be in small enough numbers for our Medical system to handle.

Under this administration the immigration laws of our country have been incrementally ignored and violated. The immigration laws have two purposes, to protect national security and public safety. That includes public health. As Zack Taylor said, “Yes, people are concerned about these illegal alien children on our border, but what we have to be concerned about is our children.

What we fail to stop at the border will be in your home town.” If, or when, Ebola hits Central America and Mexico, our southern border will be a disaster of Biblical proportions. Fear will infect millions of Central Americans and they will come to us for help. They will overrun law enforcement, our healthcare system and make the summer of 2014 look like Christmas vacation.

I don’t want to scare America, but we need to be aware and we need to be prepared. During the Rodney King riots, I had neighbors camped out in my living room for several days. When the curfew came down, most folks weren’t prepared. This time there is no excuse. Take care of your families. As the Boy Scouts say: “Be prepared, the motto of a true scout.” If things get bad, don’t panic. Have enough food and water on hand for at least 21 days. Grab some extra gallons of gasoline and batteries. Have a plan to make it feel like a vacation for your kids if schools need to be closed for a while.

If the worse doesn’t happen, awesome. We will all have some extra groceries and a plan for quality time with our kids. But if things do get crazy, we must not let fear rule the day. My gut tells me that the some of the same forces that have kept these truths from the American people are the same elite entities that never let a good crisis go to waste. If we are to face a crisis, let us be prepared in all ways.

ChrisBurgardChris Burgard is an ex ballet dancer, bullrider and award winning filmmaker.

His 2007 documentary BORDER, was praised by media on both sides of the aisle, and was influential in educating America on the realities of the US Southern border. His out of the box sense of humor has made him the go to filmmaker for viral political messaging. As Herman Cain said on Jimmy Kimmel Live: “Chris Burgard is the most dangerous media man on the planet.”



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