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Oops! Snapchat Hacked: 13GB Library of People and Their Parts Created


Cyber-theft is waaay outta control. Hackers are always one or two steps ahead of programmers and technology security guards. Damn, they’re good. This time a huge volume of photos from Snapchat has been hijacked. And not of just hot celebrity chicks.

This has gotta be the work of kids who eat, sleep and drink at their computers, in a dark place strewn with Cheetos bags and pizza boxes.

They’ve been on a mission. And they’ve accomplished it . . .  Now, your photos–even the whacky ones of you naked–have been snatched and stored. Hundreds of thousands of photos have been collected by this brazen team of techies.

You can’t help but wonder if they are plotting a grand blackmail scheme.  Nah, they’re probably just showing off for their 50% teenage users,

Photos of naked people–or at least body parts–are a hot topic between the hackers. Thank you, Anthony Weiner.weiner

(See the chat in featured article below.)

Just when you thought the NSA and your mother-in-law were the only ones invading your privacy . . . this:

h/t: Business Insider

A giant database of intercepted Snapchat photos and videos has been released by hackers who have been collecting the files for years. Shocked users of the notorious chat forum 4chan are referring to the hack as “The Snappening,” noting that this is far bigger than the iCloud hacks that recently targeted celebrities.

Underground photo-trading chat rooms have been filled in recent weeks with hints that something big was coming. Thursday night it finally arrived: A third-party Snapchat client app has been collecting every single photo and video file sent through it for years, giving hackers access to a 13GB library of Snapchats that users thought had been deleted.

Users of 4chan have downloaded the files and are creating a searchable database that will allow people to search the stolen images by Snapchat username.

The database of Snapchat files posted online was hosted on, a fake competition website that installed malicious software on the computers of users trying to take part. That site has now been suspended and taken offline, although thousands of people have already downloaded the collection of Snapchats.

There Are 2 Sites That May Have Been Hacked
One news report suggests the hacked third-party Snapchat client was Snapsave. The popular Android app allowed users to keep Snapchat photos and videos, which automatically delete when viewed through the official Snapchat app.

In a statement to Engadget Snapsave developer Georgie Casey denied his app was to blame, saying “Our app had nothing to do with it and we’ve never logged username/passwords.” He also denied that Snapsave stores photos online. This means that the hacked Snapchat client was probably a website, rather than an app.

An anonymous photo trader contacted Business Insider to tell us that the site affected was The service acted as a web client for the Snapchat app that allowed users to receive photos and videos, and save them online. What its users didn’t realize was that the site was quietly collecting everything that passed through it, storing incriminating Snapchats on a web server, with the usernames of senders attached.


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The next time you are tempted to send an erotic selfie to a porn star, Carlos Danger, remember it may end up biting you in the butt. And by that I mean you will lose your job in Congress. Then the techie kids will LOL at your expense. Don’t do it, man. Have a little dignity.

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