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We published a post this week on on the Tweet that indicated there wouldn’t be an indictment of officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO.  As a follow-up to that post we also published a story that indicated the the Tweet may well have come from a hacked Twitter account and the reasons why that might make sense.

We’re back at it today, not to expand on the story, because there’s nothing new and an investigation – rightfully so – is in progress.  We’re back because we thought we give one of our intrepid commenters  a shout-out for what has to be probably the dumbest, most ill-formed, least thought-out comment we’ve read in the last month or so.

Our commenter, one Thelma Weidman Jackson, who doesn’t have much of a Disqus comment history (not a slam, just a simple fact).  In taking a look at Thelma’s comment history, it turns out that she has a particular affinity for our humble posts, having three times commented on a post we authored on the media not remembering who Michael Brown is.  Those comments are every bit as lucid as the one we’re going to take up today, a comment Thelma offered up “Perfect Storm” post.

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First of all, it’s apparent that Thelma is a product of public education in the US.  And you can count that as a criticism of the “teachers” who had Thelma in class, not of Thelma.  She’s not alone in her either ignorance or derision of fundamental grammar and sentence construction.  Too many people today write as though they were sending a text message.  On this point we say, if you can’t read this and make any sense of it, blame the NEA, and US Department of Education, and a bunch of teachers.

In order to attempt to respond, we’re going to have to do some rudimentary translation of what we think Thelma is actually trying to say.  If we’re not correct in our translation, we’ll take the heat and apologize, although the apology will absolutely come with the caveat that if anyone wants to communicate, they should learn appropriate use of the language.

You keep bringing up Chicago what has that to do with this case after all there is more white on white crime than black on black crime

Thelma, we bring up Chicago every time the so-called “black community” goes into a tizzy about the death of a black kid killed by a white – or “white Hispanic” – shooter.  We bring it up because it illustrates the obvious.  Here are some facts for you, and we’re going to use the 2011 Chicago Murder Analysis because it’s the latest report on the City’s website and because the numbers don’t change that much.  You can find this report for most years back to 1999 here.

In Chicago, in 2011, there were a total of 433 murders.  The numbers have been in the 400-510 range since 2004, and they were significantly higher in prior years.  Of those 433, 20 victims were white, 326 were black, 75% of homicides in the city were black.  Again, that compares to every year back to 2004, and in fact, the percentages are consistent within a narrow range back to 1991.

Let’s talk about who does the killing.  in 2011, 71% of murders were committed by blacks, 3.5% by whites and 25% by Hispanics.  With respect to murder, the subject we’re discussing in the Perfect Storm post, whites are underrepresented as murderers, and blacks are slightly underrepresented, that is likely due to the fact that Hispanics are overrepresented, more Hispanics are murderers than are murdered, and we’d guess – not a fact, just a guess – that is a skew that is gang related.


Let’s take a quick look at who is killing who.  This is from the FBI’s statistics for 2011.

More whites were killed than blacks with a total of 6,131 homicides.  There is a significant skew in the data here because Hispanics are typically recorded as “white,” but we’ll live with that.

Of the 3,172 white victims, 448, or 14% were killed by whites.  Of the 2,695 black victims, 193, or 7% were killed by whites.  While that is what is known as a “significant difference” we’re not going to dwell on it.  what we are going to point out is that 0ver 90% of black victims are murdered by other blacks.

And now to the point that you missed.  Nobody in the “black community” gives a damn about those people.  The only thing we hear from Democrats (and blacks support them at a 90% plus rate) is that we need gun control, when the overwhelming majority of those killings are from weapons that are illegal in the first place.  The problem, assuming you think blacks killing one another is a problem, is that no black politician – see Barack Obama and Rahm Emmanuel for two – will even discuss the subject.  No so-called community leader will discuss the problem.  The NAACP refuses to discuss the problem.

Let a young black thug – Trayvon Martin and, it appears, Michael Brown – attack a white citizen and, in Trayvon’s case, be well on the way to killing him or attack a white cop – and get killed – absolutely in Trayvon’s case – in self defense and the “black community” is all about rioting.

if we have to go there most mass murders are by whites mostly against other whites serial killers are mostly whites killing other whites.the killings at schools by kids mostly whites killing other white kids,let’s look at murderers in prison mostly whites killing other whites

The actual numbers of these incidents is small, the number of victims is lost in rounding if you look at national statistics, and just what does any of your incomprehensible rant have to do with Ferguson and perceived racial crime?  Oh, and do you have any stats about prison murders?  We’d like to see those.

Igor one is concerned about all the violence you commit.maybe it’s republicans hoping to get more votes see how stupid that sounds you’re an idiot who is trying to get a rise out of people who already willing to hate for any stupid reason put to them.

Who is Igor?  Maybe you were taking a shot a “I for one”?  You’re concerned about violence “you” – and here we’re going to assume you’re talking about white folks – commit.  As it turns out Thelma, whites make up 75% of the US population, blacks make up 13%.  If we normalize the homicide numbers from 2011 – compare number of crimes on an equal population basis, whites committed 3,004 murders.  Were the populations equal, blacks would have committed 17,330 murders.  Blacks are almost six times as likely as whites to be a killer.

Republicans are trying to get more votes?  Huh?  Is that an OFA talking point?

Actually, Republicans – conservatives in particular – are trying to go to a society that recognizes self-sufficiency and individual responsibility.  Family values if you will.  It’s Democrats – and a swath of liberal Republicans – who want to expand welfare and dependence on government, that destroys families and leads to the kind of overwhelming crime rates you see in the “black community.”

And finally,

Don’t use this kids death as your tool.if you are a real man come out with real reasons people should vote republican.That’s what’s wrong with the republican party they have too many idiots like you running around doing not one good thing only out yo start trouble thinking that will get them votes.it won’t work because there is more good people in the USA than bad ones.looks like another loss to me.

We’re not using Michael Brown’s death as a tool, Thelma.  It’s the Obama/Holder/Sharpton/Jackson/Thelma axis that’s doing that.  We’ve stated before the death of Brown is a tragedy.  The real tragedy though, is that your axis wants to use his death to reinforce the only theme you’ve got going for you  – RACISM!! –  and continue to ignore the fact that the solutions offered by your political class don’t work and, in fact, have made things significantly worse for the black community.  That’s despite the $22 Trillion spent on the “war on poverty.”

As for the rest of your little rant Thelma, back at you.

Oh, and find a community college near you and learn to communicate.  Grammar and standard English are wonderful things.  They helped build the most powerful, most prosperous, most free, least discriminatory nation on earth.  Your exercise in Ebonics by text is helping to destroy it, Lord knows it’s certainly destroyed the “black community.”

Have a nice day.


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