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Old Perverts Don’t Die, They Get Caught Using Film in the Digital Age


Dear Old Perverts:

First of all, you are a despicable lot, and should spend the rest of your days in solitary confinement with only your debased, ugly self for company, no latrine, and prunes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
old perverts

Secondly, take note of the following news: one of your own has made a huge blunder because of being way behind the times, taking a roll of film with lewd pictures of a 6-year-old in for developing. How dumb and desperate a fool you are.


Read ’em and weep.  h/t: Seattle PI

A Des Moines man accused of trying to develop lewd photos of a 6-year-old girl at a Bartell Drugs there now faces child pornography charges.

A photo technician at the Des Moines pharmacy developing a roll of 35 mm film dropped off by William L. Wolfe grew concerned about the photos. King County prosecutors contend the 65-year-old’s photos show a girl being abused.

Confronted by police, Wolfe is alleged to have offered a different explanation – the nude photos, he purportedly told police, are his art.

In charging papers filed earlier in October, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Cecelia Gregson dismissed the contention outright.

“While (Wolfe) purports to have been taking artistic images of this little girl … (detectives) revealed the true motivations behind the defendant’s sexually posed and lascivious images,” Gregson told the court.

Des Moines police were called to the pharmacy on Sept. 25 after a photo technician there developed 28 photos from film dropped off by Wolfe. According to charging papers, the images showed a young girl nude or lightly dressed posing for the photographer.

Investigators learned Wolfe dropped off the film 10 days before under an assumed name, a Des Moines detective said in charging papers. Detectives examining the photos recognized several Des Moines-area landmarks, including a sign for an elementary school there.

As the day wore on, police identified the girl and learned she was associated with Wolfe. The detective said in court papers that Wolfe was arrested the following day at the Bartell’s after arriving to pick up his photos.

Detectives questioned Wolfe, who admitted to taking photos of the girl on several occasions, the detective continued. Wolfe is alleged to have told investigators he had a second packet of photos waiting for him at the pharmacy, as well as a disposable camera he was waiting to develop.

According to charging papers, Wolfe told detective he took the photos of the girl to “document her pre-pubescent body parts so when she was an adult she would know what her body looked like.”

The detective went on to claim Wolfe had inappropriate sexual contact with the girl on several occasions.

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Fortunately for the rest of society, a conscientious drug store clerk ignored the old adage, “The customer is always right,” and called the cops on his sorry ass.

Maybe, instead of solitary confinement with a plate full of prunes, he should be paraded naked in front of his fellow prisoners–the ones who hate pedophiles–armed with 35 mm cameras and a weapon of their choice. Artistic justice.

Yours truly.






T. M. Burroughs


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