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Obama’s Ebola Czar Has a “No-Show” Job


Ron Klain, the political PR man and “fixer” extraordinaire who made sure the President’s top fundraiser got his $535 million loan guarantee for Solyndra even though auditors warned the company would go belly-up, is now the President’s fixer with respect to the Ebola crisis.  His job isn’t to protect you, it’s to make sure none of the fallout hits the President.

Here’s Andrea Mitchell throwing softballs to White House spokestwit Eric Schultz.

That was a decent start for Andrea, who has never really gotten off her knees before Her Man Obama, we would rate this interview “One Knee Rising,” a start but right back with both knees solidly planted in a Full Monica pose.

We give her “One Knee Rising” for the interruption pointing out that the CDC protocols aren’t worth a damn.  Shultz handled the softball and put Andrea back in the Full Monica plant with some dissembling about how the protocols were in place and working and they’re just “improving them.”

“The American People should have confidence…”  In THIS administration Shultzy?  Were you smoking crack before the interview?  Why should the American people have any confidence at all Mr. Shultz?  The President appoints Klain because of public pressure to do something and the guy misses the first two meetings of his tenure dealing with the problem.

He actually could have been smoking crack because we’re sure he knew that there wouldn’t be any tough follow-up questions like maybe:

  • Most Bay State nurses are afraid for their own safety, ill-prepared to deal with an Ebola emergency and have little or no training in how to use the protective suits needed when treating stricken patients, according to their union.
  • Nurse Amber Vinson called the CDC about an elevated temperature before flying from Dallas to Cleveland and again before flying back to Dallas.  They told her she was fine to fly.
  • Hospitals were unaware of the protocols when the Liberian patient showed up at the hospital in Dallas, even though Ebola had been running rampant in West Africa for several months.
  • Prior to the outbreak in Dallas, the CDC hadn’t even considered the emergency response teams that Shultz was touting.
  • The CDC was quicker to try to blame Republicans for budget cuts than they were to get emergency response teams to Dallas.
  • The hospital in Dallas had a machine that can detect Ebola in very early stages with a 90%+ accuracy.  They couldn’t use it because the FDA has banned it for diagnostic use even though the US military is using it for exactly that purpose in Africa.

We’d also like to see some questions about Klain, like maybe:

  • Since Ron Klain has no experience in medicine or communicable diseases, just exactly what will his responsibilities be?
  • If Klain is going to coordinate with other government agencies when can we expect the FDA to release the diagnostic machine like the one that was in Dallas but not used?
  • What other agencies is Klain coordinating with?
  • Since he reports to Susan Rice, can we expect to hear that a YouTube video was responsible for the Ebola outbreak?
  • Since he also reports to the Department of Homeland Security, can we expect to see some efforts to finally close the border?  And how about quarantining people entering the country who’ve been in West Africa?

We’re not holding our breath, this is nothing more than another charade by the Obama administration to cover up their complete incompetence with the help of toadies like Andrea Mitchell.



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