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NYT: Oh, There Actually Were WMDs, By the Way


Without so much as an oops or “sorry for not doing our jobs for 10 years,” the New York Times announced that not only were there weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq by our troops during President Bush’s Administration, but our troops were wounded by them on at least six occasions.

WMDs, of course, are the bugbear of the Left whenever they start talking about Bush and the war in Iraq. The story for a decade has gone that Bush lied about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction just so he could start a war.

For that same decade, conservatives often pointed out that intelligence agencies around the world had the same information the Bush Administration relied on. Even the United Nations weapons inspectors believed the Bush Administration’s numbers, and they should have been in the best position to know.

The truly stalwart refused to accept the media’s judgment and did their own investigating, finding signs of large caches of weapons in obscure military records procured through FOIA requests, or reports buried in U.N. archives about dismantled Iraqi warheads turning up in European scrap yards, their locations given away by lingering radioactive signatures.

But of course that was all conspiracy talk, as far as the Left was concerned, and since the Left controls most of the media, that became the knee-jerk reaction of America. There were no WMDs, that’s it, put your fingers in your ears, la la la la.

The New York Times for years has been at the forefront of the crowd shouting down conservatives, labeling them wingnuts and tinfoil hat wearers. Even conservatives started to believe the smears.

Now, all of a sudden, the Times has done extensive interviews and poring through reports, and it has broken the story: There were WMDs, but the public (conservatives don’t count) didn’t know about it till now. In all, the NYT reports, troops found at least 5,000 warheads, shells and bombs containing poison chemicals.

But don’t worry, the NYT assures readers, the WMDs still didn’t justify war with Iraq because most of the shells were old and not part of an active WMD program. So Dubya is still evil, and the Iraq war was still about oil that we never saw in our gas tanks.

In fact, the NYT provides a speculative reason for why the Pentagon didn’t announce the WMDs that were found: Many were built by the United States or with U.S. technology before the Gulf War — which in theory would make them the fault of the first President Bush. The NYT conveniently forgets the entire Clinton Administration, during which the WMDs were not destroyed. And because Bill Clinton is a close friend of the Bush’s, it’s equally probably that any coverup was undertaken to protect ol’ Bill as well.

The curious thing about the NYT story, though, is its timing. Why has it come out now?

Could it have something to do with ISIS recently finding a cache of those WMDs the Left, including the current White House occupant, assured us didn’t exist? And could it have anything to do with the WMDs found in an old Iraqi factory — which the White House guaranteed us had no viable chemical weapons — being used by ISIS against Iraqis and Kurds, as reported by the Guardian?

Could it possibly have anything to do with ISIS essentially being created by Obama’s foreign policies and support for Muslims? Might there be a connection to the ongoing failure of Obama’s aerial assault plan to actually stop ISIS? Could there be a connection to a recent ISIS training video that clearly shows U.S. arms and tents being used by the terrorists?

Don’t look at the Obama Administration’s incompetence, look at this stuff from the Bush Era and believe that the Obama Administration is trying really, really, really hard. Really.

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