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The New Terrorism


When we think of terrorism threats here in the United States, we automatically think back to 9/11. We picture sophisticated, trained, well financed cells of middle eastern extremists operating here amongst us. Well, times have changed. Groups like that are just too easy to catch, a bunch of pajama boy analysts sitting on computers could track and identify these groups easy enough. No, these groups are no longer much of a problem.

Our new problem is the individuals and small groups. They may or may not have affiliations with groups like ISIS, but they like what they have to say. They’re not all middle eastern militants who would be easy to recognize. A great many blacks switch to Islam when they’re sentenced to prison. They’re all already criminals, they have anti-social tendencies. They hate the government and anything to do with authority. They feel that all of their problems are due to white America. When they get out, they attend mosques or become affiliated with groups like the New Black Panther party who continue to feed their discontent. All it takes is the right incident to set them off.

Would you recognize someone like that if you ran across them today? Probably not.

They’re not the only ones, look at the Boston bombers, no one thought of them as terrorists until it was too late.

Look at the Bergdahl family. I don’t know about you, but I think the whole bunch of ’em is an incident just waiting to happen. It’ll be interesting to see what’ll happen when that Dad gets his kid back home. They just flat give me the creeps.

On top of all that, our southern border is still wide open, we have no idea who or what is flowing in. Sure we can track those who use their passports and come and go on commercial flights easy enough, we can keep an eye on them, they really aren’t a problem. It’s the ones we don’t know about who are dangerous.

So, we’ll now be seeing more single attacks and yes, they are terrorist acts, not workplace violence. We’ll see the occasional car bomb or IED. We’ll see many attempts to disrupt transportation, that’s the easiest way to disrupt a society. We’ll see fires and explosions at airports, train stations, bus terminals, subways, bridges…anything to disrupt us.

Every one of the people I described will be a possible danger, anyone who feels they have an axe to grind, anyone who has a problem with authority in any form.  You’ll never know who they are, you may be sitting next to one of them at work, there may be one sitting behind you at the movie theatre or next to your kid at school. We’ll have no way of knowing when and where the next attack is coming from.

If you think you’re living in a safe area, let me just share this with you…being the old investigator I am, I tend to dig deep into issues. I live in rural GA and have discovered a Mosque in little Rome, GA. A Mosque that’s actively recruiting local jihadists.

I also discovered that the Sheriffs Department here in Bartow County has a Muslim deputy and I decided to do a little checking up on him. It wasn’t hard, we just looked him up on facebook and saw what sites he was actively participating in. Sure enough, he was active on three Muslim jihadist sites, and this is a law enforcement officer we’re talking about.

So if I can find all this out, where’s our Government protection? Where’s our law enforcement? Things have changed a lot in that aspect as well since my day, keep in mind there are currently over 1000 officers looking for one loser in the woods of PA and they have been for almost three weeks now. Do you really think they’re capable of keeping us safe?

Agents are leaving the DHS in wholesale numbers. Why is that? I don’t know for sure, but I do have an old “friend” who tells me they’re not happy with what they’re being ordered to do and what’s coming after the mid-terms are over. He says that this is not what they signed up for. As a result, they’re going to work for private contractors, the pay is better and they don’t have to compromise their principles.

The bottom line is, there is no one you can trust to protect you other than yourself.

I know I will never go unarmed anywhere, anytime again. If there’s a business that doesn’t allow me to carry, I just won’t go there. I even take a weapon to the mailbox every day.

For you anti-gun people out there, you may want to make friends with and stay close to someone who can look out for you because you’re not going to be able to do it yourself.

Well, that’s all on this subject for today, I’m sure that I’ll be writing more on it in the future as things develop.




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