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Moral Monday in Ferguson? Only if You are Clueless About Morality


Ferguson “protesters” declared yesterday “Moral Monday” and proceeded to go on a rampage in St. Louis.  They demonstrated at city hall where about 50 people were arrested.  They also pulled an “occupy” trick at the upscale Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis on Monday afternoon.  The mall includes stores like Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael Kors, Talbots, Tiffany & Co. and Allen Edmonds.

Fortunately for the “protesters” they showed up on Monday, typically not a busy mall day.  The video below reminds us of the rabble that took over parks during the “Occupy” demonstrations, the biggest difference is that they didn’t stay long enough to use the mall floors for bathrooms and rape the shoppers as happened with “Occupy.”  We have no doubt they would have done both had they been there longer.

“It’s our duty to fight for our freedom…”  “We have nothing to lose but our chains…”  “Black pride matters…”  “Black lives matter”  “Who are we?  Mike Brown!”  “Fight Back…”

What an amazing demonstration of utter stupidity.  These people, and I use the term loosely, have no clue about what it means to be in chains.  If they’d pull this crap in most of the Socialist Workers Paradises that they heap praise on – Cuba, Venezuela, anyplace in Africa – they’d have been beaten down put in real chains and likely not seen again for a long time.

Then comes the most irrational of the chants.  “Black Pride Matters” and “Black Lives Matter.”  Who the Hell are they kidding.  Black Pride?  Where would one find that?  On the South Side of Chicago maybe?  In any so-called “Black community” in the nation?

Is Black Pride emblematic of a 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate that would be significantly higher if black teenage girls weren’t exercising their penumbra to breed like rats and butchering their unborn babies?

Is Black Pride being able to game the welfare system and have the highest unemployment rate in the nation?

Is Black Pride standing by and watching while young black men murder other young black men at a rate seven times higher than the white homicide rate?

Is Black Pride looking to the government for solutions to your problems because you don’t have the intelligence, the moral authority, the commitment to build real families, the commitment to build a real community?

Black Pride would seem to be nothing more than pride in the idea that you can rally a whole bunch of people in the middle of a work day who have nothing to do but “demonstrate” and call for more government intervention.

And then there’s the canard that “Black Lives Matter.”  To who?  Certainly not to any of these jackasses.  Certainly not to the so-called “leadership” in the so-called “Black community,” Revs Al & Jesse, we’re talking to you.  Black lives certainly don’t matter to our half-black President or his black Attorney General.  If black lives mattered all of these people would be in Chicago or Detroit or any major city with a self-made black ghetto and they’d be finding ways to reduce teen pregnancy – without butchering the babies.  They’d be looking for responsible role models to work with young blacks.

Building a responsible, growing, thriving black community is only one generation away if any of the leadership gave damn about “black lives.”  It’s only one generation away if the community itself gave a damn about “black lives.”  Unfortunately, it may not ever be achievable because black leaders and the black community as a whole want government handouts NOT improved lifestyles.  Working to improve their community is just “too white.”

Finally, “Who are we?  Michael Brown!” goes right to the crux of the problem in the so-called “Black Community.”  Michael Brown was a thug.  If the officer who shot him didn’t have cause to shoot him, the officer should be indicted and tried.  Based on the available evidence, which is absolutely incomplete, but if the demonstrators can draw conclusions, so can we, it would appear the officer fired in self-defense after being attacked by Brown.

The “community” chooses to identify with thugs and gang-banger wannabes.  And then the call their demonstration “Moral Monday” and DEMAND that an officer be indicted without knowing the evidence.

The “community” should be identifying with people like Dr. Ben Carson or any number of successful blacks.  They should be the role models for their children, not drug dealers, rappers, and thugs.

There is nothing “moral” about what happened at the Plaza Frontenac.  There is nothing “moral” about the demonstrations in Ferguson that go on nightly.  There is nothing “moral” about the demonstration at the St. Louis City Hall.  Even more to the point, there is nothing “moral” about Michael Brown’s life, Trayvon Martin’s life, the life of the punk who was killed after shooting at the off-duty cop in St. Louis last week, and there is certainly nothing “moral” about rallying in their support.  It simply sends a message to the young people in the black community that these immoral people are role models.

Look for a whole lot more of this over the next two years.



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