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Michael Brown Grand Jury – My Twitter Was Hacked!


We reported yesterday on the Michael Brown grand jury “leak” where someone sent out a tweet that indicated she knew someone on the grand jury and it looked like there wasn’t enough evidence to indict officer Darren Wilson.

The usual suspects were right on the case.

The attorney for Brown’s family, Ben Crump, said the potential breach must be fully investigated.

“If this allegation is true and there is a member of the grand jury who is discussing the case with a Darren Wilson supporters the appropriate thing for the prosecutor to do is impanel a new grand jury,” Crump said in an interview Wednesday night. “If this person is discussing the case outside of the grand jury it is wholly inappropriate. It’s an issue of fairness for Michael Brown’s family.”

Reached on Wednesday evening, King told The Post that the potential link was further evidence that the current legal proceedings may be flawed.

“At a time where so many people in Ferguson already don’t believe that Prosecutor Bob McCulloch will take this case seriously, this potential leak is a disaster,” King said. “If it’s found to be true and the Grand Jury has to be dismantled, McCulloch should be taken off of the case immediately and replaced with a special prosecutor.

It appears that the last thing the race baiters want is for this grand jury to complete their work, they want a special prosecutor.

If you’ll recall last round of race baiting over a dead black teenager – Trayvon Martin – the local police who investigated the shooting declined to file charges.  The local DA investigated and declined to file charges.  The Revs, Al & Jesse, along with Eric Holder’s Department of Racial Justice demanded a special prosecutor.  The Governor of Florida caved in and appointed a special prosecutor who also happened to have a long history as a hack.  She brought an indictment directly from her office, no grand jury for you Mr. Zimmerman!  Zimmerman was found not guilty, but Eric Holder assured his people that they would have “justice.”  He’s had the Department of Racial Justice on the case since the shooting even though the FBI reported that they could find no hate crime and no racial motive for Martin’s death.

This time around the usual suspects are calling for “justice for Michael” and they aren’t being subtle about exactly what “justice” is.  Here’s what the Brown family attorney had to say.

If the prosecutor presents the case appropriately, there will be an indictment,” he continued. “If not, then there won’t be an indictment and the grand jury will do what the prosecutor will have them do.”

Any questions?

Now then, back to yesterday’s story about “the Tweet.”

A woman whose Twitter account allegedly sparked an investigation into possible misconduct by the Ferguson police-shooting grand jury claims she was hacked. Susan Nichols of St. Louis said she did not tweet “I know someone sitting on the grand jury of this case[.] There isn’t enough at this point to warrant an arrest” — and she denied deleting the message and later the account itself. “It had to have been hacked,” Nichols said Thursday, adding that she had not used the account in months because its privacy had been breached before.

She said she has “no contact” with anybody on the grand jury…

We wonder if the race baiters have figured out that Wilson won’t be indicted so they’re building a case for a special prosecutor.  Since Missouri’s Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon, was asking for Wilson’s head on day two of this mess, we’re pretty sure he’s just looking for a reason to disband the current St. Louis County grand jury and give us a repeat of the attempted railroading in Florida.

Oh, by-the-way, with reference to Eric the Red’s continued persecution of George Zimmerman, we thought this was cute.

The federal investigation of Zimmerman was opened two years ago by the department’s civil rights division, but officials said there is insufficient evidence to bring federal charges. The investigation technically remains open, but it is all but certain the department will close it.

Investigators still want to “dot their i’s and cross their t’s,” said one official, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment on the matter.

Investigators don’t give a damn about their “i’s & t’s” they want this case open until at least November 5th.  It’s an election turnout thingy.  Look for an announcement in a Friday afternoon news dump around Thanksgiving.


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