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Michael Brown, Ferguson and the Rioters


As we’ve noted, if you live in Ferguson or St. Louis it’s time to move to a safer place.  The South Side of Chicago, Detroit, or maybe Oakland.  (Off topic, but every time our head says “type Detroit, our fingers come up with Detriot.)  Michael Brown’s death may well transform a quite St. Louis suburb into a burned out hulk.

They had another demonstration last night in Ferguson, it turned into another riot.

Another night, another riot in Ferguson, Missouri as members of the predominantly African American community spilled onto the streets in violence fueled protest. Rioters threw bottles, burned American flags and threw knives at police as riots hit a fever pitch following the death of Vonderrit Myers Jr., 18, in an officer involved shooting, which occurred on Wednesday night.

We suppose throwing bottles and knives is more dangerous than burning flags, but flag burning tends to make a much louder statement.

There are hundreds of YouTube videos showing the flag burning in Ferguson.  We chose this one because it didn’t have five minutes of ranting about “teenagers” being murdered by cops in a language that is barely understandable if you con’t live in a ghetto.

Both shootings are currently under investigation.  Michael Brown’s death is being investigated by a grand jury, and the St. Louis police are investigating the death of an 18 year old who allegedly shot at an off duty cop who killed him.  If the grand jury doesn’t return an indictment of officer Darren Wilson, and if St. Louis doesn’t indict the cop who shot the guy shooting at him it’s not just flags that are going to be burning.

One of the protesters, Stan Taylor, 37, said in an interview with USA Today that he believes more violence is necessary. “They (police) are sparking war. It’s going to be us against them,” Taylor said. “Turning the other cheek is not getting the job done.”

Thanks for the heads up Stan.  Looks like it may be time to put away the rubber bullets.



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