Mexico Schools Obama on Handling Ebola

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That’s right, the third world country about 150 miles south of where we’re typing right now is giving the “smartest man ever to be President” a lesson in handling Ebola.

One of the people who worked on the Ebola virus at the hospital in Texas went on a cruise and wrecked the vacations of several thousand people.  When it was discovered that the unnamed lab supervisor was aboard ship she was put in quarantine and the ship was denied entrance to ports in both Belize and Mexico.

The cruise ship carrying a Texas health-care worker who “may have” handled lab specimens from Dallas Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan is headed back to the United States after Mexican authorities failed to grant permission for the ship to dock off the coast of Cozumel, according to a Carnival spokeswoman.

The Carnival Magic had been waiting off the Mexican coast since Friday morning for its scheduled port visit. Mexican authorities still hadn’t given clearance by noon, so the ship continued to its home port of Galveston, Tex., where it was due back on Sunday, according to Carnival.

Rack up another victory for the Obama administration.  When even Mexico is willing to put the safety of their citizens ahead of politically correct concerns and economics, there’s a lesson here.

President Obama just got done appointing an Ebola Czar for the US, a guy who has no experience with communicable diseases or health care.  He’s a public relations guy and a government fixer who helped get Solyndra their loan guarantees.  His job, reporting to serial liar Susan Rice, is to protect President Obama’s ass, not make sure you don’t get Ebola.

Who knows, in a couple of months Mexico might have a problem with illegal immigration – US citizens fleeing the Obama Paradise to get away from Ebola.  If that happens, you can expect Americans to be facing the Mexican military, not being handed EBT cards.


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