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Leon Panetta Speaks Truth to Power: But is he Just Helping Hillary?


Leon Panetta is the latest in a growing line of Obama administration cabinet level officers to challenge the President’s ability to govern.  While we find his criticism accurate, we wonder if he’s not working overtime to help Hillary Clinton put distance between her incompetence at State and our failed President.

Here’s a snip from Panetta’s interview with Andrea Mitchell, who is also shilling for Hillary Clinton.

We don’t agree with Panetta’s appraisal of President Obama as “…very bright, very able, … wants to do the right thing…”  The record shows the opposite.  Going back to his college days, since the left loves to use academic performance as a measure of whether people are intelligent, we don’t have a clue how he did in school, except for some anecdotal evidence.  The President took the trouble to have his grades sealed from public access, so we don’t know how he did at three prestigious schools.  For the record, we don’t care what his grades were, we don’t find a cause and effect relationship between academic performance and ability to accomplish great things.

During his tenure at Columbia, no one seems to be able to remember having a class with Barack Obama.  To the point, and this also hits on Panetta’s description of Obama as a “law professor,” Barack Obama was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review.  That is a position typically reserved for the best and brightest at Harvard Law.  Obama is the only person who’s held that position who never published a single article.  Not one.  Most Editors of the Law Review go on to prominent clerkships or into partner track positions with big law firms.  Obama couldn’t land a clerkship and he couldn’t find even a lowly associate position at a second or third tier law firm.

As for Panetta’s “law professor” comment, Barack Obama was not a law professor.  In academia that title indicates a tenured or at least a tenure track position.  The pecking order in a university looks like this: tenured professor, tenure track professor, assistant professor, instructor, adjunct professor, guest lecturer.  Barack Obama was a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago.  Not a full time instructor, no benefits, paid on a class-by-class basis.  A fill-in.

With respect to the meat of Panetta’s comment, he is right on target.  Barack Obama thinks about stuff, can issue directives, but doesn’t have a clue how to actually get the job done.  We wonder if he even has a clue what the job is.

My experience in Washington is that logic alone doesn’t work. Once you lay out a position, you are going to roll up your sleeves and you have to fight to get it done. That is key in Washington. In order for presidents to succeed, they cannot just — when they run into problems, step back and give up.

Panetta goes on to give Obama some breathing room by tarring the Congressional leadership with the same brush.  While we’re long on record as believing that the Republican leadership couldn’t lead a hungry dog to a prime rib, they have been desperate to find a way to work with the President.  Senate Republicans totally sold out to him on amnesty, as did the House leadership.  Were it not for a core group of conservative House members we’d have 15 million new US citizens who can’t speak English.  The only reason we don’t have is because the President refuses to negotiate with the Congress.  That is a precedent for the office, every President has been willing to work with members of the opposition party to reach an accord to pass legislation.  This President has a pen and a telephone.

We know that Panetta has really hit the nail on the head, the White House is running out their flacks to try to dust him up.

On the substance, this president has shown his leadership time and again. He’s made some tough calls. He’s advanced our interest in very real ways. He got Osama bin Laden. He got our troops out of Afghanistan. He has moved this country in the right direction. And to attack his leadership I think is small and petty.

Actually, on the substance, this president has shown a complete lack of leadership on both the world and domestic stage.  He refused to negotiate a status of forces agreement with the Iraqis and that is the direct cause of the rise of ISIS.  With respect to Syria and to ISIS, he has done nothing but dither.  Drawing red lines and quickly erasing them for Syria, and running half hearted air attacks on what are supposed to be ISIS positions with absolutely no ground support from any of his coalition of the laughing.  On the domestic front there are fewer people working today than ever in history, there are more people on food stamps than ever.  His ObamaCare legacy will be one of part time jobs.  Economic growth is stagnant, as it has been throughout his supposed “recovery.”

Tossing aside Panetta’s covering for Hillary, we’ll take his criticism at face value.  He’s right, President Obama has checked out.  Of course, that assumes he ever checked in.



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