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A Kiss is Still A Kiss: Not if Feminists Have Anything to Say About it..


August 14th 1945: America has defeated Japan. Thousands of brave and weary soldiers are returning home. Good has triumphed over evil. It is sealed with a kiss.

Guest commentary by Felicia Willson

Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square was taken just after President Harry Truman announced that the war that killed and wounded over one million Americans was finally over. Jubilation flooded the streets. I imagine there were many sentiments of, “I’m so happy I could kiss someone.”

Uh-uh, not so fast, Mr. French feminist group Osez Le Féminisme has started a campaign demanding the statue, ‘Unconditional Surrender’ which replicates the picture, be removed from Normandy because it depicts a sexual assault.

Over the years a few women have claimed to be the woman in the picture, however none of them ever claimed to have been assaulted. Anyone with half a brain could not honestly believe this picture is evidence of an assault. The only explanation for this nonsense must be a planned strategy of deceit.

I’m picturing a feminist meeting of the mind-less. Grand Poo-bah Gloria (most are named Gloria) calls the meeting to order, “Okay, people who are not men, but are just like men (she wouldn’t dare address them as ‘ladies.’ A. because it would be offensive and B. most of them don’t embody the intellect and class of a lady).

We’ve got the vote. We’ve got equal pay – but keep citing the debunked 77 cents on the dollar study – the people we cater to don’t seek facts anyway. We can choose any career or life path we want – but do NOT encourage becoming a wife and mother. In fact, whenever possible, demean and insult any woman who chooses to do so.

Government has forced others to pay for our birth control, and even if we don’t use it, we have the freedom to boil the little parasite in saline and suck it out with a vacuum. Gosh, what’s left?” Hillary (if you’re not a Gloria, you’re a Hillary) pipes up, “I got it. You’re gonna love this. Let’s accuse a dead man – that way he can’t defend himself – for… Assault with a deadly kiss.”

Admittedly, I was shocked at the overt attack on kissing. Prior to this feminists made no mention of kissing in their incessant citing of the National Institute of Justice’s Campus Sexual Assault Study purporting that 1 in 5 women on college campuses will be sexually assaulted.

Let me be clear, 1 in 100 is too many. 1 in 10,000 is too many. Sexual assault is a heinous, despicable act, which is why it should not be thrown around as a propaganda tool diluting the seriousness of the issue. An ariticle by criminologists, Northeastern University’s James Alan Fox and Mount Holyoke College’s Richard Moran challenges the National Institute of Justice’s study by pointing out that it used a broad definition of sexual assault, and the respondents were labeled victims if they engaged in sexual encounters while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if they encountered “attempted forced kissing.”

That previously ignored little nugget of truth has now been exhumed and morphed into an F-5 category tornado of spin. Osez Le Féminisme cite Greta Zimmer Friedman, who claimed to be the woman in the picture, “I wasn’t kissing him. He was kissing me.” That doesn’t sound like an accusation of assault, but rather what a woman says to her husband when he walks in to find her in a lip-lock with another man.

“He was kissing me” is proof? I could unearth better “proof” that Elvis still walks among us. A military man was relieved and ecstatic that the war that took the lives of so many of his fellow soldiers was over. Could it be that the woman had a compassionate and welcoming heart and chose to allow him to kiss her? Why do the French femmes assume that she was a frail, weak powerless victim? Not very “I am woman, hear me roar” of them.

These feminists would do well to put down their petitions and picket signs in favor of watching some old movies. When Rhett Butler laid an unwanted kiss on Scarlet O’Hara, she didn’t cry assault. She exercised her feminine strength, slapped him, and sent him on his way. And Rhett was not coming home, but rather going to war. If anyone deserved a kiss, it was a man willing to sacrifice his life in battle for the nation. But Scarlet chose to deny him.

Feminists, if you really want to help victims of sexual assault: stop inflating statistics and concocting fictional crimes. Instead, give money to, or volunteer at a rape crisis center or a domestic violence shelter. Feminists who want to help stop sexual assault: start a gun club. Spend the day with your girlfriends at the range honing your skills. Hype, misinformation – or even factual information – will not stop bad men from doing bad things. A gun will.

The ladies of Osez Le Féminisme and others of their ilk are grasping at straws because the fight for gender equality has been won. Western women can embark on any life path they choose, and now feminists are left flailing, wondering, “Where shall I go, what shall I do?” Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Now kiss off.

– 30 –

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“After all, tomorrow is another day.” – Scarlet O’Hara



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