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House Leadership Election Mid November In Order To Avert A Coup



Why are House Republicans holding their conference leadership election so soon? What is the harm in waiting until late December? The Conservative Review staff ask and answer these questions in a recent article. The establishment is basically doing this to keep opposition from having time to solidify, and to stifle members from voting for their preferred choice to lead them. Labor union goons should appreciate the methods, but it will result in continuing poor approval numbers for Congress.

House Leadership Boehner McCathy and Scalise

If only the Republican conference would elect leaders on the basis of merit like NFL teams decide on who to start and who to bench. Who merits a start on NFL teams is based on individual performances with respect to passing, receiving, rushing, tackling, blocking, and kicking. They don’t decide based on how long you’ve been on a team or how well you negotiated your contract. For Republican members of congress the merits should be based on performance with respect to votes taken that meet the standards in the Republican Party platform and the oath each individual took to uphold and defend the US Constitution.

Conservative Review keeps a scorecard for each member of congress. the Liberty Score™. The Liberty Score™ grades members of Congress on the top 50 votes over the past six years. The rolling six-year window shows a more accurate picture of a lawmaker’s performance than the traditional one or two-year scoring methods.

It’s mind-boggling how a majority of the members choose someone like John Boehner with a Liberty Score™ F 50% for Speaker. There are only about 45 out of 233 members who have a lower score than this. The only explanation seems to be that political campaign dollars necessary to run and win are more important than the Republican Party platform and US Constitution. The members with the higher scores could unite and vote for a new Speaker with a majority. There is no threat of retaliation by Boehner if he is defeated.

In 2012 a dozen members voted against Boehner for Speaker as a protest for leadership stripping committee posts from four ‘renegade Republicans’, and now leadership is looking to avoid another public egg-on-their-face moment. The table below has the members with a Liberty Score™ A. Three in this table were among the disciplined ‘renegades’. The establishment has tried to primary some of them, and withhold contributions from their campaign, but they have a high approval rating in their district. This is the A team that members should look to for Speaker and changing the opinion the public has of congress.

State Member Score Years in DC Age
MI-3 Justin Amash A 94% 3 34
FL-6 Ron DeSantis A 94% 1 36
OK-1 Jim Bridenstine A 94% 1 39
KS-1 Tim Huelskamp A 92% 3 46
ID-1 Raul Labrador A 97% 3 47
SC-5 Mick Mulvaney A 94% 3 47
SC-3 Jeff Duncan A 97% 3 48
OH-4 Jim Jordan A 92% 7 50
AZ-6 David Schweikert A 97% 3 52
SC-1 Mark Sanford A 94% 7 54
NC-11 Mark Meadows A 94% 1 55
AZ-5 Matt Salmon A 100% 7 56
AZ-8 Trent Franks A 94% 11 57
CA-4 Tom McClintock A 93% 5 58
CO-5 Doug Lamborn A 90% 7 60
TX-1 Louie Gohmert A 94% 9 61
OH-1 Steven Chabot A 90% 17 61

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