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Honeymoon Over: Christie & Obama Clash Over Ebola Quarantine:


Gov. Chris Christie is holding firm on the quarantine policy that New Jersey has implemented in a bid to stop the spread of the Ebola virus. CBS 2’s Janelle Burrell reports (BELOW):

This is interesting: The big hit on Chris Christie in 2012 was that he was buddy-ing up to President Obama and hurt the GOP’s chances of winning the White House by making his new BFF Barack look bi-partisan and presidential in handling the New Jersey hurricane aftermath.

obama_christie_ ap_photo_Charles_Dharapak

The Odd Couple. Two shows every four years. Enjoy.

Which is stupid on the part of those who think that mattered. It did not. by Rodney Lee Conover

Fact is, that incident helped Christie look bipartisan and turned a mere re-election victory in New Jersey for him into a massive landslide – in a blue State for a Republican.

Say what you want about Christie, but he knows what he’s doing. Don’t scream at me, I didn’t say he was my guy – I’m just talking politics here. Ted’s my guy – so relax.

I’ve been saying for years that Christie’s the only one that can beat Hillary in the general, but conservatives have legitimate issues with him over more than one issue: Immigration, gun control – just to name a few. Will getting into a tug-of-war with Obama over the policy of quarantine for Ebola candidates gain him some ground with Republicans?

You bet. Plus – it’s the right and smart thing to do where Ebola is concerned. Most people agree that the Obama Administration is incompetent at best and devious at worse when it comes to their ridiculous handling of the crisis. Christie’s turn to look presidential: Watch–

You may have issues with Christie and so do I – but tell me who else can beat Hillary in the 2016 general. Don’t give me this Rick Perry, Rand Paul b.s. either. They can’t beat her. Maybe Cruz – but definitely big Chris. Not so big anymore either I noticed. That lap band thing is working – I gotta look into it…

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