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The Hippies Think They’ve Taken Over


Hippies don’t want you to have independent thought, the right to own property, to associate with whomever you desire, free speech, equality of opportunity, liberty, or even a good time.

They want totalitarianism and they believe it’s best for you. And they want to be The Pigs who are more equal than others.. Oh, yeah – they want a lot of money along with that power and to not even be questioned how they got it – much less be thrown in the drink if it’s ill-gotten, legally.

Hippies have no interest in the Constitution – except when it can be used against their enemies. The hippy does not give a rat’s behind about America or Americans and when faced with the choice of Party or Ideals over America’s future – they’ll pick their Party and Ideology every time. Without fail.

hippy1Why am I so tough on hippies? Because I despise them and their lies.

There’s nothing so repulsive than hippies waxing nostalgic about the 60’s and how the freedom fighters brought us equality, free speech, the liberation of women and an end to war.

What a load of Shiite.

What’s worse is the overwhelming dominance of hippy-speak by educators and administrators on college campuses and in high school classrooms, who for the past 40 years or so have been influencing kids away from American values, Capitalism and liberty.

Very rarely do I talk to a college grad or anyone under 30 who doesn’t believe in some sort of Socialism over freedom.

It’s sickening, because most of these kids get slapped in the face by reality and have to waste so much time un-learning what they were taught in the anti-septic educational environments of the disaffected Hippy. And why wouldn’t you believe what a teacher was saying over and over? It’s like giving a small child the choice between candy and their vegetables: “Capitalism is bad, can’t you see the poor people? We should be giving everyone an equal share of the money – don’t you want everyone to be happy?”

You’ll say that’s too simple, but it’s not. The choice has always been clear: When people are subjugated to work for the masses, instead of themselves – very bad stuff happens, eventually.

Working for yourself and your family is greed? No, that’s progress.

When people are left to their own devices and allowed to flourish freely, they in fact are far more benevolent than their Commie counterparts. If you don’t believe me, do some research on the contrast in charitable giving between conservatives and hippies. They got this thing called Google now, so you have no excuse. (hint: Looks bad for hippies)

hippy2The hippies preach freedom of speech, yet they aggressively push for legislation which tells you what you can’t say.

They turn speech they don’t like into people losing their jobs, their companies being fined, their very livelihoods and even personal freedom being destroyed.

Hippies say they’re the great defenders of minorities, yet if a black person decides to think outside the liberal parameters of the hippy ideology – they are attacked viciously – lest they infect others with any thoughts of running away from the liberal plantation.

Women should be equal with men – according to hippies – yet, what’s their solution? Government support, assistance, money and free abortion on demand from cradle to grave. Does that sound like equality or an official proclamation of inferiority? Women should be given liberty, not the phony protection of government dependence.

In a hippy’s world it’s not okay to be a former Nazi (unless you give them Soros-like financial support) but it’s perfectly fine to be a former or even current Communist? Forget the fact that Stalin and Mao give Hitler the bronze in the mass murder and oppression Olympics – if you believe in centralized government and that technocrat elites are just plain better than us hayseeds – you’re tenured!

hippy3And money? Greed? Pa-lease, that’s a whole ‘nother column, but Google Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Clinton’s net worth. I’m not against making money – I strive for their kind of bank – but I don’t rail against it while I’m doing it.

What’s really irritating about hippies though, is their methodology:

Most of them know their arguments are as shallow as a cat video, but not cute at all – so they must resort to name-calling at the slightest whiff of being owned. Which is usually near the beginning of the debate, if not before any discourse can begin at all.

You’re a racist, you’re a homophobe and… what was the subject again? Economics of Post-Revolution France? Oh yeah, let me finish – you’re a Nazi, a sexist and are a beneficiary of White Privilege who hates old people…

Young “progressives” who talk like this don’t have a clue about the Marxists who taught the hippies – who then taught them – how and why they’re even debating or talking that way. It’s designed to stifle speech, new ideas and personally destroy people they disagree with. I truly believe young people should be liberal – but so many have adapted this strategy of Marx, Alinsky and Clowen-Piven – and they don’t even realize it. It’s sad.

We used to have to read “Animal Farm” and even as youngsters – we got it. If this book were even allowed on campus, they’ have to redact everything Boxer says and does or he’d be charged with a hate crime and shipped off to the glue factory.. wait – that’s what happened. Ironic, eh?

Well, before we’re all shipped to Elmer’s for making a joke, creating a small business or handing out copies of the Constitution – I’ve got something to say: Screw the smelly hippies. You’re all a bunch of ugly, selfish ingrates and we’re going to flush you out of this system before it’s over.

Who’s with me?


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