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Four Safe Democrat Seats That Are NOT Safe


Every election cycle there are a handful of US House contests that flip unexpectedly. There are four supposedly safe Democrat seats that just may be up for grabs, though.

The conventional wisdom is that there are a smaller number of competitive seats in the US House this year due to the country being polarized. Don’t trust conventional wisdom. Ask Eric Cantor about trusting conventional wisdom.

US House contests require less money, and less powerful moneyed people get involved in them and muck things up. There is a palpable anger out here toward Obama and his minions in the executive branch and also toward the establishment in the legislative branch. This anger can propel outsiders who also have a compelling story of service to win.

The incumbent they defeat is in a seat previously held by a Republican, and one of them featured brings with her new voters that usually don’t participate in voting.

Suzanne Scholte

Suzanne Scholte Virginia 11th congressional district
Suzanne Scholte has served since 1988 as the President of the Defense Forum Foundation, a non-profit foundation that promotes a strong national defense and freedom, democracy, and human rights abroad. DFF is best known for its Congressional Defense and Foreign Policy Forums, a non-partisan forum which brings expert speakers to Capitol Hill to address critical issues facing America as well as its work in Asia and North Africa. Recognizing that the regimes that are a threat to the United States are also without exception a threat to their own people, Scholte expanded DFF’s mission to aggressively promote democracy, freedom, and human rights abroad.

She is widely credited with being the driving force behind the North Korea human rights movement, and the awareness on Capitol Hill today, of both the situation facing the people of North Korea and the people of Western Sahara.

She has been involved in the rescue of many North Koreans seeking freedom, including a family who now lives in the 11th District. As hard-working new American citizens, they will vote for the first time in the election in November.

The incumbent Gerry Connolly has been in this seat since 2009. Republican Tom Davis preceded him. Connolly defends the Muslim Brotherhood and supports funding Hamas.

Carol Platt

Carol Platt Florida 9th congressional district
Carol has amassed a political service resume that is second to none. She’s served alongside Jeb Bush in all of his elections, chairing the Osceola and Polk campaign teams. She was asked to be the Osceola County and Polk County Co-Chair for the Bush/Cheney Presidential Campaigns. She was previously a delegate and alternate to three Republican National Conventions, representing Orange County, Osceola County, Polk County, Brevard County and Hillsborough County. She has been the Osceola County Republican Party Treasurer, Secretary, RPOF State Committeewoman, and RPOF Vice Chair, in this region. The diversity of her political experience and relationships is built on service – and it is unmatched.

Carol has never run for political office, instead choosing a path of steady, faithful service to this point in her life. But now, Carol is ready to lead in Congress – and the time is right for someone like Carol Platt to bring real service back to elected office.

Incumbent Alan Grayson was elected to this seat in 2012 after losing in 2010 after one term to Republican Daniel Webster.

Alan Grayson calls himself “A Congressman with Guts,” but his words and actions reveal him to be a congressman without honor. At a time like this, with foreign turmoil and domestic troubles, we need leaders in our government with steady hands and noble hearts. Grayson’s language and behavior both in and out of office have proven to be reckless, spiteful and dangerous.

Jim Hagedorn

Jim Hagedorn Minnesota 1st congressional district
From 1991 to 1998, Jim served as the Director for Legislative and Public Affairs for the Financial Management Service, the U.S. Department of the Treasury agency responsible for the management of more than $2 trillion in Federal funds.

Jim utilized his position as the agency’s congressional liaison to orchestrate the enactment of several bills to reform government. The highlight of his legislative success was the 1995-96 enactment of H.R. 1698, the “Mandatory Electronic Funds Transfer Act of 1995,” a measure that Mr. Hagedorn devised to require the use of electronic funds transfer/Direct Deposit (rather than expensive paper checks) to disburse hundreds of millions of federal payments. Jim’s commonsense government reform idea saves taxpayers more than $100 million each year and led to the closure of three government check processing centers.

Jim accepted a position as Congressional Affairs Officer for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Department of the Treasury agency that manufactures U.S. paper currency. Again, Jim successfully combined his legislative expertise and executive Treasury position to work with the Congress to enact legislation designed to drive down costs.

In 2005 Jim thwarted a Bush administration policy to merge the nation’s coin and currency agencies, an idea that would have cost taxpayers $500 million for no added value, and transferred power from career civil servants to partisan political appointees.

Incumbent Tim Walz was elected to this seat in 2006 and was preceded by Republican Gil Gutknecht.

Rep. Tim Walz and challenger Jim Hagedorn showed starkly different views on the role of government in the first debate between the candidates for Minnesota’s First District U.S. House of Representatives seat Tuesday in Rochester.

On nearly every issue, with the exception of the federal government’s role in providing infrastructure funding (both agreed it’s an important function), the candidates diverged. Hagedorn repeatedly said Walz was part of the problem of overgrown government in D.C.; Walz said he’s proud of the work he’s done.

Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino Maryland 6th congressional district
Dan proudly joined the ranks of the U.S. Secret Service in 1999 as a special agent in the New York Office where he was assigned to investigate computer crimes, bank fraud, and credit card fraud. His early career was marked by a number of investigative successes earning Dan a Department of Justice recognition award.

Dan moved to Maryland in 2002 to become an instructor at the Secret Service training academy. Dan was awarded a number of commendations for his work in redesigning the investigative curriculum to reflect current investigative trends.

In 2006, Dan entered into duty with the elite Presidential Protective Division in the administration of President George W. Bush. Dan distinguished himself by becoming one of the earliest tenured agents to be given responsibility for an operational section of the protective detail. Dan remained on protective duty during the change in administration to President Barack Obama, quickly becoming the highest ranking member of his operational shift of agents. With this distinction came greater responsibility and Dan rose to the challenge. He was designated as the lead agent responsible for the coordination of President Obama’s visits to Prague, Jakarta, amongst a myriad of terror threats, and finally as the lead agent responsible for his visit to an active war zone in Afghanistan. Dan was awarded a series of commendations and left the protective detail as one of their most distinguished agents.

After completing the maximum time served allowed on presidential protection duty in 2010, Dan chose to stay in Maryland, transferring to the Baltimore Office. There, he immediately made an impact on the community by breaking up one of the largest fraud rings in Maryland’s history.

Upon resigning from the Secret Service in 2011, Dan began a grassroots campaign for the U.S. Senate against the feared Maryland Democratic machine. Despite overwhelming odds, Dan defeated nine opponents in the Republican primary. Dan finished second in a three-­‐way race in the general election and continues to act as an activist within the community.

Incumbent John Delaney was elected in 2012. He was preceded by Republican Roscoe Bartlett.

The [local]media has just completely blacked us out. Yet we have managed to out-fundraise the President of the Freshman class of Democrats, one of the wealthiest members in Congress. For a year now we’ve out-fundraised this guy. Not one story.

Not to be put off pace on account of local media bias, Bongino achieves voter engagement the old-fashioned way: Going door to door with an army of volunteers. He told me he has a daily goal of 50 doors and 100 voter interactions. The strategy appears to be doing well, as his fundraising numbers suggest.

All fundraising aside, however, there’s a compete lack of recent polling to pull from. This is due, in large part, to the fact that many of the big “election prophesiers” have paid short shrift to this race all along. But a lack of polling — or even bad polling, for that matter — by no means indicates problems on the ground for Bongino (I’m sure Eric Cantor can vouch for this).

Each of these four have a compelling story of service and dedication. Jim Hagedorn and Dan Bongino do not have the deep pockets from the NRCC, but they can win like Justin Amash of Michigan 2nd congressional district with no strings attached to the establishment. You can Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter from the links below.

Suzanne Scholte

Carol Platt

Jim Hagedorn

Dan Bongino

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