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St. Louis Off-Duty Cop Kills a Black Teenager: BREAKING UPDATE


If you live in or near Missouri, it’s time to think about moving to safer ground.  The south side of Chicago or Detroit maybe.  It’s starting to look like metro St. Louis is going to be the battle of Fallujah minus the Marines.  Ferguson is spreading like Ebola.

We all know about the Michael Brown shooting, headlines reading “White Cop Murders Unarmed Black Teenager” in every newspaper in the nation, and outside agitators like The Revs – Sharpton & Jackson – and Eric Holders’ Department of Racist Justice show up with a full deck of race cards.  “Justice for Michael Brown” is the call sign for those in the victim industry.  Facts be damned, we want “justice,” whatever that is, and they’re putting the Grand Jury on notice, that cop better be indicted.  Their minds are made up, and you can bet the fire departments will be busy if the Grand Jury returns a “no bill.”

We’ve now got round two, and it’s right around the corner.

A white off-duty police officer in the US city of St Louis has shot killed a black teenager who fired on him, police said, triggering protests just miles from the flashpoint suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.

The St Louis metropolitan police chief, Sam Dotson, said the officer was on patrol for a private security company late Wednesday when he engaged three men in a chase.

Dotson said the men ran away when they spotted the officer, who believed one of them was carrying a gun because of the way he was running. The officer chased the man, an altercation ensued and the man fired at the officer, the police chief said. The officer returned fire and killed the man, who was 18.

So far, so good.  Bad guy shoots at off-duty cop, cop kills bad guy.  Happy ending.  Except…

In the wake of the shooting, people gathered in the area to protest against the killing. In Ferguson, a few miles away, there have been almost nightly protests in Ferguson since the fatal shooting in August of Michael Brown, a black 18-year-old, by a white police officer.

After the latest incident, some who identified themselves as relatives of the man who was shot told the St Louis Post Dispatch newspaper that he was not armed.

One woman said the victim was her cousin, Vonderrit Myers Jr.

“He was unarmed,” Teyonna Myers told the newspaper. “He had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again.”

Myers was unarmed.  Or should that be Myers was unarmed?

According to Dotson, ballistics evidence recovered from the scene suggested the teenager fired three shorts. The officer returned fire with 17 rounds. Dotson was unable to say why the officer fired so may shots.

We are supporters of the 2nd Amendment and we own guns.  This is an example of why we prefer a Glock to a sandwich.  A 9 mm Glock magazine holds anywhere from 17 to 33 rounds, with a sandwich you’re lucky to have three.  We can reload a Glock in under two seconds, a sandwich takes forever.  The mayonnaise gets all over everything, it’s slippery, and the meat and cheese ends up everywhere.  Not to mention the power burns on the bread make the darn sandwich taste terrible.

To the young man’s family, we offer our condolences.  Really.  Parents aren’t built to bury children.  But in the real world, if the ballistics holds up, this sure looks like a good shoot.  As for why the officer fired 17 rounds, he did it because he could.  First rule of firefights, shoot until the attacker is dead.

This is obviously another pebble on the pile for the race card players.  So far this month five black men have been murdered in Chicago.  The suspects aren’t known yet but chances are, the shooters will be black.  It took a couple of minutes to find that info, it’s not widely publicized.  We checked for the number of murders in St. Louis, we can’t find that anywhere, but we only looked for ten minutes.  Bottom line, the race baiters don’t give a damn about blacks shot by blacks, they only care about publicity.

We’ll see what the investigation in St. Louis turns up.  If it was a bad shoot, just like if the shooting in Ferguson turns out to be a bad shoot, the cops should be indicted.  If either or both were good shoots, the cops should be allowed to go on with their lives.  Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen.

Certainly in the black community, if you can call that rabble a community, their minds are made up.  It’s a racial thing.  They’re getting ready for no indictment of the officer who shot Michael Brown and there will be hell to pay.  Ferguson is in for some redevelopment.  We’d guess St. Louis may also be headed for the same fate.  Don’t expect the Democratic Governor of Missouri to offend his constituents by calling out the National Guard, he’s already convicted the officer in Ferguson.  We’d expect no less from him, 26 days before an election.


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