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Farrakhan Unleashed: Your Enemy is the White Man, Ebola is Their Weapon


Louis Farrakhan is a powerful speaker. He is dramatic, smooth, passionate . . . and full of bull sh**.

Addressing a large assembly of mostly blacks, he cleverly weaves current and past events with quotations from scripture into a convoluted mixture of spin which could be crafted only by a person inciting hate. The audience reaction: energetic applause amidst his attack on Whites.

His sermon, in the video below, includes a tale of the white man’s deliberate, conniving use of small pox to eradicate Native Americans. Yes, he wants his audience to believe that 17th century monarchs and explorers understood microbiology as an effective military weapon.

Of Farrakhan, Above Top Secret says:
“Minister Louis Farrakhan claims vaccines are responsible for the devastating outbreak of Ebola, and suggest that western evil forces are responsible for this on-going act of deliberate genocide.”

Farrakhan also wants his audience to believe that Jesus Christ identified whites as enemies of blacks. What a warped interpretation of the gospel, wherein peace and unity are hallmark characteristics.

What foolish and dangerous propaganda this “minister” spouts. Watch the video for yourself. Hear Farrakhan dabble in cauldron stirring to concoct a potion his audience readily consumes as truth. You’ll be sickened and outraged.

Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam. He has a large following in the United States. He has been fostering suspicion of Whites in Blacks since he began. He has twisted news, political agendas and scripture to meet his needs for decades. Tell us what you think of his rant.


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