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Duck Dynasty Star Defends Texas Pastors Persecuted by Houston Mayor


Houston Mayor Annise Parker is out to get anyone who professes their faith if those values do not jive with hers:

She has doggedly attempted to intimidate pastors there because they speak out and stand against her new ordinance allowing anyone to use any bathroom they feel like using that day, rather than the one marked boys or girls..

ELN - ParkerHouston needs to grow a pair and throw this freak out of office. What kind of public officials tells a church that boys can go into the girl’s bathroom? Let’s be honest – that’s what we’re talking about here: Forcing churches to bend to the will of the Gay / Lesbian / Whatever agenda.

That’s not tolerance you preach LGBT club. That’s government intrusion – supposedly what you’re against. Typical libs though, using government to their advantage while saying government has no right to be in your private business..

Hat tip Conservative Tribune:

Robertson will be appearing at a rally to support the pastors next month.

The momentum is growing on the side of the pastors, who are standing strong and receiving outside help from across the country. They are defended legally by the Alliance Defending Freedom religious liberty legal organization. Gov. Mike Huckabee argued for them on his Fox News show.
duck prayerAnd now comes a massive religious liberty rally, planned for November 2nd, just two days before the election. The rally will take place at Grace Community Church in Houston.
From the rally’s website: “Hosted by Family Research Council and other partners, speakers from across the nation will gather at Grace Community Church in Houston, Texas to focus on the freedom to live out our faith free of government intrusion or monitoring. We will stand with pastors and churches in Houston, Texas who have been unduly intimidated by the city’s Mayor in demanding they hand over private church communication.”



“Duck Dynasty” star Jep Robertson was rushed to the hospital this week after he suffered a seizure during a deer hunting trip. Jep — the youngest of Phil Robertson’s children — was in the stand with friends when it happened.

Willie immediately rushed to his brother’s side. J.R. was taken to a local hospital. A rep for Jep says he’s doing better, but will stay hospitalized for more tests. He’s being treated with antibiotics to cover possible infections doctors think may have triggered the seizure. We’re told there was no paralysis or other permanent damage … and Jep feels extremely blessed.


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