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New War on Leftist Ideology: RIGHT ON!!


If you have not been following what Gavin Seim and Jason Mattera have been doing, you have been missing what have been some of the best punches in the fight against the failed ideology of the left and overreaching officials.

Gavin, is facing head on the local government abuses and overreach. He is holding police as well as judicial and government officials accountable. He is fighting for our constitutional rights with BIG conversations about less Government.

This week, Gavin pulled over a WA deputy sheriff for doing traffic duties in an unmarked car; in direct violation of WA state law:

Jason had just volleyed some real journalism at Lois Lerner last week and ended up with some of the best material of the year. While being questioned, Lois literally tries to barge into some neighbors house. If you only watch this for the look on the husbands face as he explains that he doesn’t want Lois Lerner in his house!

These two have both been putting public officials on the spot and in the spotlight. Gavin just recently busted a city manager for placing illegal “No Camera” signs in public places and Jason tangled with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Rep. Greg Meeks ! Reid’s security guy actually gets physical with Jason.

I am going to say it again because that is just the way that I am. Check out the work these guys are doing. It really is excellent material especially if you like to see the left to get a “gotcha!” They carry out ambush interviews with  with other officials including Biden, Schumer and Franken.

Harry Reid’s bodyguard attacks “Crapitalism” author Jason Matera

City says NO CAMERAS – Seim says NO WAY!

More confrontations by Gavin:  

More confrontations by Jason: JasonMattera.Com



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